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Should men put down the toilet seat?

  • La mejor respuesta
    The seat and lid should both be down when not in use. Same rules for both genders
    runningman022003 · 4 0
  • Otra respuesta
  • Yes. So do women.
    Ryan Kadlec · 2 3
  • If men should put down the toilet seat, women should raise the toilet seat.
    Richard · 17 2
  • Men who do not lift the toilet seat when they have a number 1 are not ready to be married and have a family! When they do not have any consideration for other and no nothing about leaving a place like they found it , or better, they should keep on living by themselves until they learn something!
    ALBERT · 23 2
  • How about women just look before they sit?
    Bill · 4 6
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