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Why are liberals so disrespectful towards Trump?

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  • Maybe because liberals are better educated than conservatives and religious right nut jobs, and they can't tolerate the sort of stupidity they see from Trump every single day. They DO have the right to express their opinion of people in the government despite Trump's efforts to undermine the constitution.
    Keith · 0 0
  • Liberals are disrespectful toward a lot of things. Both Democrats and Republicans show no respect for each other and this is wrong.
    Jeancommunicates · 6 1
  • I'm a conservative and I'm disrespectful towards Trump, because he's disrespectful to the majority of Americans, and our allies. He hasn't done anything to earn my respect.
    Zack · 7 2
  • because he is a disgrace and disrespectful to minorities. He is a liability that is contaminating the nation
    lando · 5 2
  • Another hypothesis for why Trump voters are so irate — that really ... Pretty much every last bit of her subjects felt a profound feeling of sharpness toward elites and city inhabitants; pretty much every one of them felt tread on, slighted and conned out of what they ..... Thus at whatever point a liberal gets out Trump supporters as insensible or ...
    Julie Archambault · 10 6
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