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Grounded for a year HELP!?

I failed 3 classes last year so my mom made me take summer school. And I failed that too because I was late everyday and got 6 tardies (which count as absences) so I was grounded for the remainder of the summer. I wasn't even allowed on a family trip to Arizona so I decided to get back at them by spending $1,000 dollars on fantasy sports. Well my mom checked her credit card and realized she was missing $1,000 dollars from her credit card and she confronted me and I confessed to her that I stole $1,000 dollars and my mom lost it at me and told me I was grounded for a year

---List of punishments---

No electronics, (includes TV)

No books

No drawing

No writing

No Mp3

No lunch

I have to stay in my room 24/7 except for school, meals, church, bathroom, and chores

Only 6 hours of sleep per night (which includes the time it takes me to get to sleep) and if I nap it will get reduced by one hour

No bed comforters, so I have to sleep on the bare carpet

My parents are setting my room temperature to 90 degrees, and if I make it cooler it will be increased by one degree

No going to family gatherings

Only one helping of food each meal

No fun foods or eating out

No bedroom door

My mom put cardboard over my windows so I can’t look outside

I have to eat hot sauce every day

I can only take 5 minute showers and if I take longer it’ll be decreased by one minute

Showers have to be on coldest setting

I have to wear a winter coat and a jacket so I’m even hotter
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    First of all that is a very severe punishment. I don t know many kids that can go through this. However cruel it may be, they are your parents and they have expectations for you. If I were you I d go along with it for maybe a month or two. There is no way they re going to change their mind soon. Give them time to blow off the steam and forget; AND then you should approach them with a sincere apology.
    Mario · 4 0
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  • You are lucky your mother didn't take it to court. Live and learn from your mistake. Make sure to never do anything like that again.
    Overwatch Rules · 0 2
  • ****** liar.
    Anna · 1 1
  • your so full of crap.... You are a straight out LIAR... if your are truthful you should be in jail somewhere...
    retired old sarge · 4 2
  • And I'm master of the universe .
    Light Michaels · 6 3
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