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Better altcoin to invest?

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    Zack · 6 0
  • There is few good coins to invest, but in my toughts the best one to invest if you want to make a huge profit in 2018 year then i would go with DeepOnion coin! It has the most active and friendly developer team that always answer every question you need to be answered and the community is growing fast daily!
    Franches · 22 1
  • From all altcoins, I chose Deeponion! Why ? Because in my opinion it is the currency of the future. A great purse is designed on the basis of the Tor. It is a function of Deepvault. With the growth of the community goes up and price Onion. Here is what the criteria I was looking in investing in DeepOnion!
    Alexandr · 15 2
  • I will recommend to invest in DeepOnion because of it features which will make it gain mass adoption. Presently it is selling under $2, this ia perfect time to accumulate before whales bagged to to the moon. It will give good return because it is yet to show its real value.
    Ademar · 17 2
  • Deeponions is good opportunity to makes your dream come true, just earned more and more deeponions and hold it for few times and then buy your all dreams :) Thankyou!
    WAQAR · 25 2
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