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Can we combine Christmas cards plus thank you notes?

For over 60 years my parents custom made their own Christmas cards. They just got this years' cards from the printer when my father passed away suddenly. Can we address the Christmas cards then write a thanks in them for the funeral and include that holy card they give you from the church? It's going to be really hard writing and addressing the last Christmas cards designed by dad.
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    Absolutely. Another idea would be to handwrite a thank you note then stick it and the holy card from the church inside. I know it will be hard to do it with his signature there, but just know that his spirit is with you and inside every card you send out. It's an awesome idea that they've custom made cards for so long! Sorry for your loss - have a wonderful holiday season just the same :)
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  • It sounds reasonable to combine and is in a sense a 'last' link.
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  • it's a very nice idea & it makes them more special that they are the last ones that he was able to take part in designing.
    lynn · 1 0
  • yes! just do it! don't think about it to much!
    Md shirazul · 1 0
  • Yeah
    Milon · 1 2
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