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Should Trump ban CNN?

  • Responder
  • The Trump administration has unveiled new travel restrictions on certain ... North Korea are banned, but a student from Iran will be allowed in..
    maksud · 6 4
  • Don't think it is legally possible for anyone, including the President, to ban a news media outlet
    NPG Starlett · 35 4
  • He should just keep exposing them
    Doin · 9 17
  • No, that is unconstitutional and, therefore, it is a crime. If you were an American, you would know that. I always find it troubling that people who ask the most divisive questions, questions asked only for the sake of provoking people, are asked by people who are too cowardly to identify themselves, like yourself. Personally, I think you are another Russian Troll causing trouble. Everyone educated in the U.S. knows the Constitution protects freedom of the press, the First Amendment.
    orphen saiyuki · 25 31
  • I despise/hate CNN but no that would be cencorship
    Nathan · 61 36
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