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  • Is Trump an embarrassment to the White race?

    24 answers 5 hours ago Politics
  • How is feminism not man hating?

    Feminists seem to not pay any attention to the decent men out there. Thet just point out the rare amount of bad ones and then generalise all men but those rare few. How's that equality?
    33 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Should America invade England?

    30 answers 15 hours ago Newborn & Baby
  • Mike Wilbon Defends Joe Maddon?

    Tony Kornheiser's better half said that Maddon wasn't stupid for bringing John Lacking in during the 9th inning of a tied playoff game and that people shouldn't be criticizing the genius for doing so. Lacking, who allowed more homers than any pitcher in baseball this year, gave up a 3-run game-winning shot to Justin Turner as the Dodgers took a 2-0 lead in the series. I say that Lacking is an ignorant, tantrum-throwing punk who shouldn't even be on the postseason roster. Is Maddon really blameless or is Wilborn talking out his @ss?
    4 answers 1 day ago Baseball
  • Who do you have playing in the NBA Finals this year? And how many games does the series go?

    Best answer: Warriors and Cavs, and it goes 5 games.
    7 answers 2 days ago Basketball
  • Can't study anymore?

    I'm a second year college student and things have been really going downhill. I've been a top A student for most of my life but I'm beginning to worry. My first year of college, I had good grades, not as high as high school but definitely good. This semester I don't know what has happened but I have zero motivation to study. I go to lectures and zone out the entire class. I can't sit down and study for more that 5 minites without getting bored and distracted. I used to be great at studying but I honestly can't anymore. I feel burnt out. I get on average 4 hours of sleep a night, I'm always anxious, sad, and tired. These are all due to college. How can I get back into the game and be motivated?
    21 answers 3 days ago Higher Education (University +)
  • Do you agree with Rose Mcgowan that matt damon is a spineless profiteer who knew and stayed silent? How can anyone defend an asshole like this? Because he donates to the DNC he gets a pass?
    5 answers 2 days ago Politics
  • Why do people buy dogs from breeders?

    I work at an animal hospital where I see all kinds of dogs to even a wolf hybrid at times My question is why do people spend hundreds to thousands on a puppy just because it a pure bred? Study shows that pure breeds have more health issues, and a lot of the breeders are awful. (Some are good/okay) To give you a few examples of what I see at work: We had some guy bring in his German Shepard puppy (23 weeks old) for a parvo test. The guy spent $3,000 on this dog, and he said that his dog has been having diarrhea, and he knows that the breeder has a high parvo incidents in his kennels. We had someone come in a few weeks ago with a 4 WEEK OLD pup. Every since then she has been calling us asking for advice because her puppy (now 6 weeks old) has been aggressive with her, and snarls. (It s a Doberman). It s illegal to sell a puppy under 8 weeks old where I live. I understand if you want a rare breed, or if you need a dog for a job, but if you re an average joe who is going to use the dog an a companion. Why do you need to go to a breeder to spend thousands on just the puppy, and not go to a shelter (they have puppies) and spend less than $500 and have everything covered. These are just some cases within a month. We have worse cases with people who have older dogs. Every Golden Retriever that is 6 or older has cancer. There are dogs that are 3 years old who have a bigger file than my 10 year old lab mix.
    23 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • What’s for dinner tonight?

    Best answer: I'm brining a chicken right now. Then I'll rub an herb mixture under the skin and roast it in the oven over a bed of par-cooked veggies. This picture is the veggies ready to go
    51 answers 2 days ago Cooking & Recipes
  • Liberals, it is almost a year since Trump beat Hillary. Why are you still this triggered? Are you unstabIe?

    93 answers 3 days ago Politics
  • How are you playing your part in the downfall of society?

    12 answers 20 hours ago Other - Society & Culture
  • Why do Cons claim the Civil War had nothing to do with slavery, when the secessionist papers point to slavery as the primary cause?

    31 answers 1 day ago History
  • What will Trump's epitaph be?

    15 answers 8 hours ago Politics
  • Predictions for Bayern vs Celtic tonight?

    Best answer: Bayern 3-1 Celtic.
    11 answers 19 hours ago Scottish Football (Soccer)
  • Just quit my job due to being bullied..?

    Hi I'm 22 and unfortunately have just left my job due to being badly bullied by a co worker, and management doing absolutely nothing about it. I am currently looking for a new role in the same industry. However, my mind has now conjured up a new worry. The co worker that was bullying me was also looking to leave and find a new job doing the same thing (we both did the same job). The problem is, where I live there are only really 40-50 places you can work doing what I do, so the chances of running into someone you already know is reasonably high. I'm worrying now that me and my ex co-worker will unknowingly apply at the same company and become co-workers again. This co worker was throwing food at me, so I'd really like to avoid them if possible, as I'd probably end up leaving again, is this my anxiety creating these worries. The thing is, they are perfectly fine out of work, I.e. Work night outs, so I guess I could message them on Facebook and see what they're up to before I accept a new job offer. I know there is a small possibility of this happening, but am I over thinking/exaggerating it all?
    15 answers 8 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Why are the dems so mean to Jeff Sessions?

    Have the liberals ever thought that maybe he committed treason by accident? Ronald Reagan committed high treason on purpose, and he gets a pass, but Sessions is in hot water? C'mon, this is an example of how the media can turn accidental treason to purposeful treason; there is a difference.
    15 answers 8 hours ago Politics
  • When Donald Trump told John McCain "be careful, because at some point I can fight back" did he mean he can make him 'disappear' like Putin?

    25 answers 8 hours ago Politics
  • Conservatives: if white supremacists hate the American concept of diversity, why don't THEY leave?

    13 answers 4 hours ago Politics
  • Why no country wanted to accept Jews in 1930s?

    I read that during Nazi Germany many Jews wanted to immigrate to France, UK or US but it was extremely hard because the governments of those respective countries were opposed to accepting Jews.. did everyone hate Jews?
    22 answers 22 hours ago History