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  • Do you miss the times before technology took over everything?

    Best answer: I'm almost 56! I have 5 adopted kids under 12. I sit there and watch them all playing on their tablets or 3DSs and think about what life was like when I was their age. I know most of it will sound like clichés from Norman Rockwell paintings, but we really did leave our doors unlocked 24 hours a day, friends never had to knock and we played outside and drank water from the hose from morning until night because nobody ran air conditioners all day and the house was hot as hell. My two best toys were sticks and dirt and the closest thing we had to technology was that kid in class that had a calculator on his watch. Yes, we did have to get up to change channels, but there was only about 5-6 of them so we didn't get up that often! My favorite shows were "Wild Kingdom" And "The Wonderful World of Disney" which were both on Sunday night. We had to wait all week to watch cartoons on Saturday morning! We played baseball in the little league. If you sucked at it, you sat the bench and if you hit a home run, nobody really gave a crap. Sometimes, after the games, Dad would take us to Carvel for ice cream cones. But, if we did something wrong, we got our asses beat and if you ratted out your brother, we got our asses beat twice.

    These days, you can't say "Good Morning!" without people saying it's "Racist, Womanizing, Sexual Harassment, Demoralizing and Politically Incorrect"! You can't even say "Merry Christmas" without offending people!

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love playing my PS4 with my new VR and I love having information at my fingertips, but sometimes I definitely miss the days when you could stick out your thumb to catch a ride and "Global Warming" was getting rain in February!
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  • What do you call someone who is very shy, reserved, and quiet to strangers byt very confident, and extroverted when around friends?

    Is that person introverted, extroverted or other (explain)?
    6 answers 6 hours ago Psychology
  • Are liberal men more effeminate then conservative men?

    17 answers 10 hours ago Politics
  • How old is still young?

    17 answers 11 hours ago Etiquette
  • Do you like this short poem?

    Silly **** yeah she could've had it all The temptation got the better, sent her for a fall Now she dead up on the floor, with her head split into four Not knowing she ain't breathing, she ain't getting it no more nah Silly **** yeah she could've had it all The temptation got the better, sent her for a fall Now she's staring at the wall, not preparing for a war Not knowing what she started Where she standing when it all fall
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  • Can I file a Bar complaint again lying, bullying attorney?

    There is a menacing attorney who is not employed by me, but threatens to file lawsuits and depositions against people based on nothing but lies. She uses the law as a weapon to silence and control people. I would like to file an effective complaint against her, but I see that most complaint are filed by Judges and clients. Do I stand a chance of being taken seriously by the Bar? I have some documentation of her behavior. I think she is unethical, but since I am not a client do I have a case?
    8 answers 14 hours ago Law & Ethics
  • Is America going to be a fascist country?

    Best answer: Hasnt it been for a while? All that worshipping the flag as if its self aware gives me the creeps.
    13 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • And why couldn't Rep. Trent Franks adopt? Did he fail the background check?

    4 answers 2 days ago Politics
  • How do i get bitcoins?

    Best answer: You buy them. You can do bitcoin mining also. Bitcoin is more valuable than gold, and it's a non centralized currency so it's a good investment.
    5 answers 24 hours ago Agriculture
  • Cons, are you happy you helped enable this kind of behavior in our police?

    5 answers 1 day ago Politics
  • Is it funny how liberals were mocking Trump supporters with hurricane harvey, but are now screaming and crying for help w the cali wildfires?

    Isn't that funny?
    17 answers 11 hours ago Politics
  • Should transgenders be allowed in the miliaty?

    17 answers 11 hours ago Military
  • How was the 1980s for you?

    This question is for anybody that lived through the 1980s. I have never really meant somebody that disliked that particular decade, How was it for you?
    21 answers 24 hours ago History
  • Are women's standards for men higher than vice versa?

    Best answer: Yes they are, and it has always been this way. This is all due to hypergamy.
    Hypergamy is an evolutionary outcome that explains female mate selection. Overwhelmingly, a women chooses a man who is taller than her, stronger than her, makes more money than her and has higher social status than her. A male CEO will have no problem marrying his secretary, but a female doctor will not marry a male nurse. Prince charming marries Cinderella but have you ever heard of a princess even looking at a chimney sweep?

    Just go to any dating site to confirm this. Females are always looking for their 'equal' or greater. No woman is looking for a househusband. Because this is ingrained in our genetic wiring, it will not go away anytime soon. Certainly 50 years of a social engineering program (feminism) will have no effect. Not to mention it does not address this issue at all to begin with. In it's efforts to 'empower' women it has no mechanisms to deal with evolutionary realities.
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  • Is it ok for a teacher to give me a detention if?

    On Friday I got a detention for refusing to do pe as I was upset that day the teacher told me I had detention as I refused but really I was just upset
    6 answers 8 hours ago Teaching
  • Is 13 years old considered old or middle aged?

    69 answers 4 days ago Other - Society & Culture
  • What shotgun should I buy my 14 year old son for Christmas?

    He uses his older brother and sisters one sometimes to get hogs and other things like that, but I wanna get him his own.
    5 answers 4 hours ago Hunting
  • Why dont liberals believe in trickle down economics?

    GOP tax bill
    16 answers 8 hours ago Politics
  • Why are there so few conservative professors in universities?

    Best answer: Well, there are a couple of reasons.

    Education opens your mind to the complexities of life, to the fact that there are few blacks and whites in the world, only many shades of gray. In the process of earning a PhD -- a requirement for becoming a professor -- and conducting our research, many of us travel extensively, we are exposed to a wide variety of people, cultures, points of view. That experience genuinely broadens the mind and develops intellectual and cultural sophistication that is simply not compatible with narrow-minded conservatism. The fact of the matter is that there ARE conservative professors, but they tend to be LESS conservative than conservatives in other walks of life. That is because the experience of academic life and research militates against that kind of often-rigid and reactionary conservatism.

    The second reason is that the academic life tends to attract more liberal-minded individuals in the first place. It's the kind of career that simply appeals to the already well-educated and well-read, people who are interested in research, in complexities both scientific and cultural, in studying the past or improving the future via teaching or your own work. So, your average entering class of PhD students in any department is going to include a fair number of liberals.

    Though as I said, there are a fair number of conservative academics, too.
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  • Should Al Franken be considered innocent until proven guilty? Or should any woman be able to charge any man and have him lose his job?

    23 answers 1 day ago Politics