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  • Can my credit card charge me for this?

    I’m asking here because it’s late and my bank is closed so its really bothering me. I received a refund on s purchase I made before. My balance is completely paid- Not a penny missing. I took out the exact amount from the refund and transferred to my bank account. Again, not a penny more. My bank charged me this huge interest and cash advanced fee for its my money. I took out from a positive balance. Can they do this ?
    9 answers 14 hours ago Credit
  • How to improve my credit score?

    Best answer: Start by doing nothing. Watch your score for about six months. Right now, you are so busy with college and you have student loans, so there is no reason to rush into any new attempts at getting credit.

    When your score reaches 525 or above, then get a secured credit card. Use it once or twice each month for something that you need. Then pay the balance in full when the bill arrives each month.

    When your score is above 600, you should be able to get an unsecured card that offers rewards. A rewards card is the best kind to have. Even though the rewards are usually small, it is still better to use a card that will pay you for using it. If you keep the balance paid in full each month, then any rewards that you gain is truly a gain for using the card and you are continuing to improve your credit.
    17 answers 4 days ago Credit
  • Santander online banking?

    I have just set up my online banking and want to make a transfer of £3000 to my relative. Will I have problems doing this because it will be my first transaction?
    9 answers 3 days ago Personal Finance
  • Bookkeeping Accounting Support Teacher?

    I am a bookkeeper. My company does have an accountant but he only does the taxes at years end. Sometimes I wish I had someone who I could ask an accounting question. QuickBooks used to have a network of local experts that you could ask for help for what seemed like a reasonable amount of money (I'm not talking about tech support) But that seems to be no more. I would like to have a relationship with a smart talented patient accountant who is skilled in QuickBooks that I could pay on a subscription basis to ask an occasional question. What do you think my best options are? Thanks
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  • I'm 22 years old and made $81,000 under the table last year. Will the IRS find out?

    I have not paid taxes on any of it. I made it all myself, I worked very hard for my money and don't feel like I should pay the IRS and the state anything since I made it all on my own and they did not help me make a single penny of it. All of the money I made was under the table meaning that I am self employed and every transaction was strictly cash. Is there any chance the IRS will find out about this money?
    21 answers 7 hours ago United States
  • Will I get caught?

    So I know this is crazy, but I have my mom's debit card and I really want to buy some in-game currency. She won't let me buy it, but I really want/need it. So I was wondering if I enter a fake name, fake email, fake number, and fake address, but her real debit card number and the real 3 digits on the back, will I get caught. I am not trying to start anything and I have never ever done this before and I still don't want to do it without her permission, but it is so tempting. So do you guys think I will get caught, even if I do all the "fake stuff" I mentioned earlier?
    19 answers 5 hours ago Credit
  • How much can my family claim on homeowners insurance after an in house robbery?

    My house was burglarized recently, and they stole roughly 25-30K worth of jewelry and goods. We have a few appraisals of the jewelry that got stolen. Anyone that went through this experience or has any idea on how house insurance works can you let me know how much we expect to recover?
    14 answers 1 day ago Insurance
  • Under Obama cons complained about the labor participation rate (LPR). Under Trump the LPR is the lowest in over 40 years. Do cons still care?

    Best answer: No, it was just hypocrisy and propaganda.
    14 answers 9 hours ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • Is there a way to double your tax refund?

    16 answers 1 day ago United States
  • Old employer keeps asking me to come back?

    Okay, I'm not really sure what to do anymore. I quit my job last 2016 because I absolutely couldn't stand my boss. I used to have frequent panic attacks and just cry my eyes out in the bathroom. That's how much I hated it. Well, a few weeks ago, the guy who replaced me quit. They've been asking me to come back ever since. The HR and my boss have contacted me a few times and I keep telling them I couldn't at the moment (I couldn't really think of an excuse). My boss just contacted me again and she said that she would like to set up a meeting with me and the president to see if I would maybe reconsider coming back. I just don't get it. I've told them no repeatedly and I just don't know what to do. It's not like I've been outstanding at my job or anything, so I'm very confused why they want me back to begin with. I don't know what to reply to her because I really don't want to burn any bridges. I think it's time I give them a proper excuse so they would stop bothering me. Problem is, I don't know what to say. I was thinking of telling them I already have another job or I'm thinking of going back to school but I'm actually currently job hunting right now, and I'm afraid a prospective employer might contact them for references. What should I do? Please help me.
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  • Want to rent a house found on . Owner out of state wants $$ sent to bank acct. How do I find out if it s legit?

    12 answers 7 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Can I call my employees doctor?

    I have an employee who has worked for me for less than one year. She broke her ankle 6 weeks ago and said that she is going to be off work for another 2 months due to physiotherapy. This employee has been on social media posting videos of her out and about in a boot, walking, caring for her animals etc. She works 1 day per week and is employed in a clerical role, she is the only one who does this job so for now, the job is not being done. I have asked if she could work from home and I would cover all costs related to her doing her job from home. So far she has ignored me but messaged me about her pay etc since then. I believe this employee is planning to stay on sick leave for as long as possible and then leave as she was a pretty poor employee before breaking her ankle (which she done while she was "bed ridden" on a previous sick leave). Can I call her doctor and ask if she is able to carry out her duties at home? I see no reason why she can not do her job from home, it is all clerical and does not involve any one else. Thanks
    28 answers 3 days ago Law & Legal
  • How can we possess the house?

    My father died on cancer two years ago. He left behind the house my brother and I grew up in. The deed of the house is in my biological mothers name, as well as my brother and myself. My biological mother left us over 20 years ago and went back to Korea . We haven’t heard from or seen her since and have no way of knowing how to contact or locate her. How can my brother and I legally remove her from the deed so we can possess the house?
    15 answers 1 day ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Why do people think people have to move out of their parent's house?

    I'm 24 and I live with my parents. I save up lots of money. I don't see what the big deal is.
    36 answers 3 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • How do I get insurance for my newborn if I'm still a minor and under my parents insurance?

    Best answer: Your baby cannot be on her grandparent's plan unless the grandparents formally adopt the baby.

    The baby can be on her father's plan and can be added to his plan on the date of birth.

    You might be able to get on your own plan before the birth and add baby to that plan on the date of birth. However, chance are you cannot get on your own plan before then unless your current policy has an open enrollment period, and even if you did that'll cause problems with the billing. It could be months if not years before the doctors and hospital gets paid by the 2 different insurance plans. The big problem with that is the doctors and hospital won't wait and they'll expect you to pay out of pocket.

    Depending on your household income you might qualify to put your baby on welfare and she'll be covered the date of birth. One of those welfare plans is the Children's Health Insurance Plan, or CHIP, and depending on income it could be free or a very low cost.

    If you wait until after the birth to get your own plan and to add baby to that plan you'll have a period where baby won't be covered because you can only get a plan starting the first day of the month. So if baby is born on the 10th you'll be 20 or 21 days without coverage.
    10 answers 2 days ago Insurance
  • I got served a 5 day eviction tonight out of the blue. I live in a mobile home I own and rent the lot in a park in Florida.?

    They want repairs done from hurricane and yard cleaned up. I had talked to manager in jan. 2018 I would try to have done by end of jan. but I've been sick and also suffering with 7 herniated disks under dr care. I'm suppose to lose my mobile home
    13 answers 18 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • A potential tenant has asked me if they can bring a dog with them. Should I say no, say yes but charge them extra, or say yes?

    Best answer: I charge a minimum of a 1000 pet deposit when tenants have a pet.
    21 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • What are your best tips for saving money?

    I love to spend so I need help.
    19 answers 3 days ago Personal Finance
  • Can landlord legally charge rent for an apartment that has a cracked foundation which causes major water damage when it rains?What do i do?

    I moved into my apartment Aug 1, 2017 and have already experienced two water leaks in my bedroom.the apt manager stated she was not going to fix it during the rainy season because of its still wet which is understandable. The first two times they replaced my carpet and padding, but whats the point if everytime ut rains my apt floods? So the contractor came to do an inspection and said the foundation is bad and the only way to fix it is if the apt manager moves everybdy out and start rebuilding. it's not just my apt, its most apts on the bottom floor. So i have to put up with the soaking wet carpet in both rooms each and every time it rains inconveniencing me for days with smells due to wet carpet. I have a 2 bdrm and both room flooded the whole bdrm carpet floors as well as the closet. My husband and i are forced to sleep in the living room and the smell in both rooms are horrible. What do i do? P.S. Again, this is not just my apt. Alot of tenants tht lives on the first floor are complaining.
    13 answers 21 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • What causes Poverty in a so Rich and Wealthy nation like The United States ?

    13 answers 22 hours ago Personal Finance