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  • Why do dumb people get the job at McDonald's?

    So I've been working at McDonald's for 3 years now and it boggles my mind at the type of people they hire and how ******* crazy/stupid they are like smh... 1 incident recently (2 days ago) that really made me look at this co-worker stupidly was i got scheduled a 5-8pm shift and this co-worker lets call her Jess. Jess whenever she sees me working likes to ask me what time i'm off at (usually i always work till 10pm) told her i'm off at 8pm and Jess with a big *** smile on her face kept annoying me asking "can you stay till 9 for me i have a soccer game i have to go to for school" So first i'm curious.. why would soccer start in fall? LOL anyway.. just because i was curious i searched around and there was a soccer tournament but her school wasn't in it and the championship game was at 2pm so.. and if the tournament was going on during work why did she show up to work? also i even said "why would they have a tournament so late?" "oh it started at 4 but my team doesn't play till 8" LMAO I figured Jess was lying anyway and just didn't want to stay which makes me question why did you get this job? I also am working with this one guy who just recently got the job and he is just downright plain slow. He couldn't open a simple packet of red peppers by hand and asked "how do you open it?" LOL grab a pair of scissors or knife smh..
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  • Taxation Quedtion?

    Hi, i am 18, but don’t know how taxes work. i am self employed never have a job but have earned over $600 selling online ( like game codes etc) and getting money through paypal and transferring to bank so like Idk i just need taxes explained to me if i need to file them or not and how or when.. will i go to jail if i dont
    5 answers 3 hours ago United States
  • I want to be a programmer for a video game company. Should I take IT or Computer Science? I'm really confused about it.?

    4 answers 2 days ago Technology
  • If I am an authorized user, would I be responsible to pay the debt if the person I become an AU with defaults?

    There is a guy on youtube selling AU trade lines. I want to boost my credit score to get approved for a credit card. Credit Karma says my Transition is 610 and Equifax is 630. Are there any risks with AU trade lines
    5 answers 2 days ago Credit
  • Have you ever cried about finances?

    36 answers 1 day ago Personal Finance
  • Just quit my job due to being bullied..?

    Hi I'm 22 and unfortunately have just left my job due to being badly bullied by a co worker, and management doing absolutely nothing about it. I am currently looking for a new role in the same industry. However, my mind has now conjured up a new worry. The co worker that was bullying me was also looking to leave and find a new job doing the same thing (we both did the same job). The problem is, where I live there are only really 40-50 places you can work doing what I do, so the chances of running into someone you already know is reasonably high. I'm worrying now that me and my ex co-worker will unknowingly apply at the same company and become co-workers again. This co worker was throwing food at me, so I'd really like to avoid them if possible, as I'd probably end up leaving again, is this my anxiety creating these worries. The thing is, they are perfectly fine out of work, I.e. Work night outs, so I guess I could message them on Facebook and see what they're up to before I accept a new job offer. I know there is a small possibility of this happening, but am I over thinking/exaggerating it all?
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  • What type of car can I get approved for? I make about 5,000 a month after taxes, my credit score is at 600, I'm thinking of putting 2k down.?

    8 answers 22 hours ago Credit
  • Have you ever worked in a warehouse/ factory?

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  • Will a bank help me?

    If I walked into a bank I said I was interested in opening up a credit card would they help me? I want to open up a credit card
    40 answers 3 days ago Credit
  • Is the head chef called the Seuss chef?

    9 answers 5 hours ago Food Service
  • My boyfriend doesn't think I should get a personal loan?

    So I found a decent loan for the amount I want, to expand his business. My credit is "good". But I'm currently unemployed. He said "Nobody will throw you money and expect you to pay it back". I guess he's right? I don't have any assets (in my name) I have given him a couple thousand to get his company off the ground. It's been carrying us through these past couple of months, but we're slowing down for the season.. So money is getting tighter. I wanted to get a personal loan, so I can buy better equipment for his company for next year AND create an emergency fund. I did the math and we can do it. It would only cost us $2k. But it could take us up to 10 years to pay the loan back. (if business doesn't improve - which is doubtful, because of the awesome new equipment I want!) Otherwise, pay it off quicker and save money! I don't know why he's against this?
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  • Not agreeing on buying a house?

    My fiance found a house she really likes, but it was built in 1930. I liked the house as well, but she is highly worried about asbestos in older homes. The house fits our needs, and is in our budget. I told her it should be fine, but she won't stop worrying about it, and if we choose to get the house she wants to have extra testing done on it. I think it's a waste of time, and money. She is extra worried about living in a house that contains any sort of asbestos is because her mom passed away of lung cancer, as her uncle. Her mom died in her early 60s and apparently her uncle died in his early ot middle 40s. I tired to tell her she will be fine, and it has to be air bone, but she doesn't care. She doesn't want to put her self as the "extra risk" I don't think it's that big of a deal, but she just seems to get upset with me, and thinks I'm being insensitive
    20 answers 14 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Should I close my first credit card?

    14 answers 1 day ago Credit
  • Can I use a priority shipping box that is dated 2016?

    I have some old priority mail shipping boxes in my closest. I have to ship something and pack it tonite. The boxes are dates 2016, so I'm not sure if that's allowed? It's a USPS priority box. Also the item I'm shipping is about 3 pounds, is USPS the best choice for this?
    7 answers 7 hours ago Small Business
  • What are the main things that should stand out in a resume?

    Best answer: The biggest one is relevance to the position. There's absolutely -no- point in having an outstanding resume with refrences, academic qualifications, fantastic work experience in Admin in Singapore...When you are applying to work in a fish-processing plant in Maine.
    It's relevance you want to be attention-grabbing. The rest is a bit superflous, but always relevance to the post - 1st.
    I wish you well.
    15 answers 1 day ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • When getting an apartment, do you have to pay the deposit AND first months rent to get the keys?If they say the deposit is first months rent?

    18 answers 13 hours ago Renting & Real Estate
  • I want to know can a landlord tell a tenant what he/she can and can't wear?

    Best answer: Depends. Inside your unit no. Outside your unit in the "common" areas - yes. I live in an 8 story building; we cannot wear night clothes outside our apartments. If we want to get our mail, take the trash out or whatever we must be dressed appropriately - by that I mean private body parts covered.

    They want a better class of people where I live (as evidenced by the appearance and all the money they've sunk into landscaping, the lobby, new roof, etc - not to mention high rents). Looking like trailer trash discourages people from renting here.
    28 answers 2 days ago Renting & Real Estate
  • Is there any way to make money off of helping poor people?

    I understand there are 40 million Americans in poverty, and that number is growing everyday. There must something I can do to help them and earn a decent income? Thank You.
    13 answers 1 day ago Other - Careers & Employment
  • When my ex used my credit card 2 years ago without my permission in the casino and cash line will they still have the cctv?

    8 answers 21 hours ago Credit
  • I’m getting evicted out of my house (rented) for no reason, what should I do?

    All the landlords told me is i have to be out by tomorrow morning 9 am. I can’t think of anything I’ve done for this to happen but he’s not responding to me when I’ve tried to contact him.
    36 answers 3 days ago Renting & Real Estate