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  • Can't study anymore?

    I'm a second year college student and things have been really going downhill. I've been a top A student for most of my life but I'm beginning to worry. My first year of college, I had good grades, not as high as high school but definitely good. This semester I don't know what has happened but I have zero motivation to study. I go to lectures and zone out the entire class. I can't sit down and study for more that 5 minites without getting bored and distracted. I used to be great at studying but I honestly can't anymore. I feel burnt out. I get on average 4 hours of sleep a night, I'm always anxious, sad, and tired. These are all due to college. How can I get back into the game and be motivated?
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  • I want to end my life because of college?

    so this is going to be long but read the whole thing if you are going to post an answer talking to me. so basically i want to kill myself but i am not sure about doing it because i am 20 years old right now and if i die from natural causes i will be dead in 70 years max. so 100 years from now whether i died at 20 or 99 years old its the same thing so might as well end it all now and not deal with the crap that comes with life because things have been going downhill ever since high school was over (life is easy until high school is over). basically college makes me depressed because i made some mistakes that destroyed my gpa in my bio major. its a 3.35 right now and i am a junior (i know some of you will say thats not bad but i am trying to get to med school). the mistakes i made were 3 addictions that i developed: skateboarding, a video game called counter strike global offensive, and gambling. i gambled away 6 thousand dollars which is all behind me right idc about money. i spent around 750 hours in counter strike but i deleted the game a while back and i dont play it anymore because its so addicting. and my dad made me quit skating because i was hurting myself a lot (i spent more time on skateboards than counter strike). but all those addictions are gone and i am left with my gpa that is 3.35 and i am grinding so hard to get it to at least 3.5 before applying into med school. things for my mcat are going well so far. it wont let me type more i will finish in the edit
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  • Questions for people who graduated high school early.?

    My daughter is a junior in high school and has figured out she can take 2 classes next summer and graduate (get her diploma) in late July/early August. She's intrigued and looking into it. Has anyone done this specifically? (finished in August as opposed to May) People keep telling her she's crazy to want to finish early. That she should enjoy her senior year. "Don't you want to graduate with your class?' "What about senior prom?" She doesn't hate high school, she's enjoyed it so far. She has wonderful grades in honors classes. Is in Honor Society and Beta Club. Band, golf team, class officer, etc. She's been to prom and football games and pep rallies. She's won Spanish competitions and science fairs. She's enjoyed it, she's just ready to move on and doesn't think she'll regret not "walking" with her class at graduation. My questions: Did you regret graduating early? Were you able to get into a decent college that fall? With graduating in July, she's not sure how applying to colleges for that fall would work. Once you got to college to you feel out of place academically and/or socially?
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  • Do you wish you was born in the 1980's?

    I already was in the mid 80's Thanks!
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  • What is another name for love?

    14 answers 19 hours ago Words & Wordplay
  • My son, who has a 4.6, just committed to the University of Michigan. Should I be proud or disappointed?

    So my son who has a 4.6 GPA decided to go to the University of Michigan. In case you are wondering, he was also accepted into Harvard, Stanford, and Duke but for some odd reason chose to go to the University of Michigan. He plans on going into Aerospace Engineering. I want to be happy for my son but on the other hand, I am a little disappointed he would choose a public university over three elite private schools, one being in the Ivy League.
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  • Why do liberals choose useless majors?

    Performing arts (theatre, dance, music), education, art, fashion, women's studies, philosophy, etc.
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  • Is there such thing as good Hate? Is there such thing as good Injustice? Is there such thing as good Evil? good Pride? bad Love? badJustice?

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  • What is he definition of heteralsexual?

    16 answers 13 hours ago Words & Wordplay
  • Rewrite the sentence using opposite ; a bear nearly attacked bill and his wife.?

    22 answers 3 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • I am doing a student paper and want to know, - Which cities would be best to open a luxury cycle store?

    7 answers 20 hours ago Homework Help
  • For a STEM college graduate, what GPA range is so bad that there was no point in you getting a degree?

    4 answers 10 hours ago Higher Education (University +)
  • Night or Morning?

    Best answer: Night, at least if you can't finish you know how much more time you need to finish it the next day. Or you could easily finished it at night, then in the morning you know your work is done, and could double check your work.
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  • Why don't more people complete double majors or dual degrees?

    Best answer: Many people cannot manage the pressure or stress, physical AND emotional / mental stress) of double major or dual degree program is why. Only 35% of the general public have SOME college education but that is now OUTDATED because that information is based on 2015 government data.. The only reason my closest friend got two bachelor's degrees and not one from Tulane was there was no B.S degree program with a major in music piano performance or music history offered by Tulane University Sophie H. Newcomb memorial college , and she CHOSE to do B.S in physical degree program 1971 to 1975. There were NOT dual degree programs offered. Tulane's medical school no longers offers the dual M.D. Ph.d double doctorate degree program that my friend was admitted to. My firend did another bachelors degree at another university at ALMOST the same time., si she triple majored.. her son was admitted into an accelerated bachelor's d and master's degree program at Stanford in 2005. He did NOT double major TECHNICALLY but he kind of did double major. His Ph.D. is in physics and it is from Berkeley , not Stanford..He got TWO master's degrees, but i am not sure if they are both from Stanford. physics AND aeronautical engineering.. Both my friend and her sons are exceptions. Despite all her protests, she and both of her sons and very likely her husband all have high IQs. My friend had scholarships AND she worked to put herself through college and medical school and she still has 2 jobs Even though she is full time faculty member of health sciences technical university..She Was going to college until recently too , to get another master's degree., she's been doing THAT FOR YEARS..

    Lots of people change their majors multiple times. I've known people who have changed their majors five times, but it usually means staying is school longer than the usual 4 years, and many bachelor's degrees now take longer than 4 years to get because many people are working 2 or even 3 part time jobs or full time job and 1 or 2 part time jobs AND raising children all at the same time. Having a baby is HUGE distraction, because taking care of and raising the child becomes higher priority than your own education..
    Many people simply CANNOT mage the stress of a double major are a dual degree program.

    Liberal arts majors usually don NOT have that much trouble finding a job. the people who get Business degrees are the one's who can't find jobs because the market is flooded with B.B.As and M.B.A/ it's shocking how many people are totally delusional about liberal arts majors being useless, because liberal arts majors INCLUDE SCIENCE AND MATH MAJORS. Some people need a reality check.BEFORE the Real world slaps them in the face. and they find themselves out on the street..

    What may be easy for you, MIGHT be extremely challenging, both physically AND mentally for someone else.. I been a type 1 diabetic since i was 2 years old. i have no clear memories of ever N OT being diabetic. Yes, i am physically handicapped, but i am NOT mentally handicapped., for a very long time. half my life, I was in denial that was phys am physically handicapped.. yes, I DO DOUBT my sanity, frequently,. for the last 50 YEARS and counting. My mother really did have me tested when i was 14 years old. no 14 year old is entirely sane..


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  • How to say '' country '' in German?

    29 answers 4 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • Hanging myself in the school half term.?

    If I hung myself during the school half term would any one in my sixth form hear about it?
    4 answers 21 hours ago Primary & Secondary Education
  • Would liberals respect the Pledge of Allegiance if we changed it to the following...?

    "I pledge allegiance to the Hammer and Sickle of the United Socialists of Mother Earth. And to the communism for which it stands. One planet. Under Marx. Multicultural. With social justice and political correctness for all."
    11 answers 4 hours ago Special Education
  • Can some spelling errors on a resume be overlooked?

    I just realized after sending in an application that I had wrote down that I answered phones for a municipal public school's, switchboard instead of a municipal public schools' system. Is this an egregious spelling error, or could it be overlooked?
    27 answers 3 days ago Words & Wordplay
  • Why was I denied a safe space for Christians at school from Satanists and Pagans challenging our faith?

    I am going to try to get them suspended if I can’t have a safe and tolerant place to pray.
    11 answers 5 hours ago Primary & Secondary Education