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  • ..what food and drinks to eat to strengthen the bones...?

    everytime i play basketball i become exhausted after every game and after resting, the next day my knee hurts when i try to jump and when i try to run i drink enough or even more amount of water. (i feel bad for gordon so i should be careful too :v}
    8 answers 13 hours ago Diet & Fitness
  • I want to love someone, but I can't?

    No one is loveable. Everyone is strange or corrupted, or bad. No one is relatable, innocent, sane, normal. It's a ****** up world this place sucks.
    7 answers 1 day ago Alternative Medicine
  • Anxiety Trouble?

    I had anxiety all my life, I basically skipped half of kindergarten because I had it so bad everyday. It got better, I still have it but it did get a lot better. Now I think it's getting worse again. I mean every time I go on transportation I have anxiety! and every time I go somewhere! It makes me so nervous for my future. It causes me to have stomach problems and makes me throw up sometimes... And I'm getting sick of it sometimes I feel like no one can help me cause no one feels what I feel. What natural remedy is there? I just wish I could be like any other person and just have peace instead of having to deal with this. But my anxiety sometimes is caused by just worrying about things that happened in the past, and worrying that it will happen again. But I mean, I went on a 8 day car ride and a 6 hour car ride and was fine... I still have anxiety going on a 3 hour car ride! same with ice hockey when i have a game, i always have anxiety and it gets in the way.
    5 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • Is it true that Hollywood Avenue in the Bronx New York is secretly a place for respected people like celebrities?

    Best answer: Wow Queenstar are you a detective named Daphne from The Scooby Doo animated TV Show? Because you just solved some mysteries. How did you find all these secrets out on your own? That was heroic and daring what you did. Thank you for your discovery. You shall be greatly rewarded for your hard work and efforts.
    5 answers 1 day ago Infectious Diseases
  • Is it normal to have a burning hatred of women?

    I just hate everything about them.
    88 answers 3 days ago Mental Health
  • There is nothing to cheer me up?

    the thing I love the most brought me down so hard. I will not share what that is. I feel so empty, weak and worthless. I don’t think there is anything to cheer me up in this situation. I don’t want to do anything, even my favourite things. Are there any tips for at least to try and make me feel better?
    17 answers 19 hours ago Mental Health
  • When you brush your teeth do you brush your tongue too?

    They say you are supposed to but I Don't 👅
    32 answers 1 day ago Dental
  • Are taller men (usually) stronger than shorter men?

    26 answers 16 hours ago Men's Health
  • Cutters- why do you cut?

    27 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • What's more fattening - whole/full fat milk or soda?

    Which one would end up making me fatter?
    26 answers 2 days ago Diet & Fitness
  • I cry almost every night from feeling guilty, scared, sad, lonely...so on. I take Benadryl just to sleep, but sometimes that is not enough.?

    I am sitting here crying at almost 12am, this is normal for me and has been for some time (a couple years). Every night all the bad things come to haunt me. The fact that I am a crappy wife (I nag, I get stressed and angry easily, I say things I don't mean when I get overwhelmed. I would never, never cheat, though that doesn't mean much since I'm so bad otherwise. All I think I do well Is make him dinner, keep the house clean, and things of that sort. Yet I absolutely adore my husband. I am also a bad daughter although I love my parents with all my heart, I am sometimes unkind to them. I am definitely a bad friend, I always try to make my friends happy, but I don't see them often for lack of energy, I often cancel on them because I am too exhausted to leave my house. I may only be good at loving my animals, I always seem to have energy and patience for them. I feel awful every night (and day too often) the crying happens and it is relentless. I feel the crushing weight of all I do wrong. I also cry over things that are wrong in the world since I notice more and more how cruel people are to each other and to all living things. I cry over the fact that my clients act as if their animals are disposable (I exercise/train horses, and occasionally end up being a dog walker. All of my clients hire me because they can't be bothered with the sweet lovely animals they decided they wanted, and now wish they could get rid of. Everything is just so sad, I can't handle it.
    25 answers 2 days ago Mental Health
  • What to do with my days?

    Bckgrnd info: I am unemployed. I was a teenage runaway and spent many years on the streets. I suffer from depression, anxiety, OCD-PD, history of Substance abuse. Also IBS and I am very underweight. I also just lost my cat and it was horrifying, devestating and unexpected. my bf of 5 years doesn t feel or live any better than me, really. All of these details hold me back from living a normal life. I ve been waiting months to start Therapy even though I mentioned my suicidal thoughts, etc., and I have denied all medications out of fear. I wake up feeling like there is nothing to do or live for. I should be on an eating schedule but that seems impossible. I don t wake up until the afternoon most times I don t even have a proper sleeping schedule. I can barely function enough to take care of my hygeine or clean my apartment. I don t have any friends to ever go out with. I don t want to waste anyone s time trying to get a job or going back to school cause I m a quitter. I am basically just having an extremely hard time doing anything healthy or productive each day. I cannot prioritize my life at all it seems and I have a hard time building healthy routines and habits. I always wake up feeling so exhausted that even when I do plan my days I never follow through. Honestly, I need advice or something. What do I do with my life??? Any advice, suggestions, books ffs, anything is appreciated. Because my life is basically over already and it never even got the chance to start.
    9 answers 12 hours ago Mental Health
  • How to get rid of anxiety without meds?

    I'm 16, I have major anxiety disorder. Other people in my family have and take meds, others drink more (which I don't plan on). I don't like the idea of taking any medication. Is there any way of helping or coping with it without meds? I've even tried smoking cigs occasionally, didn't work. Don't judge me. Any ideas? Thanks!
    5 answers 1 hour ago Mental Health
  • If you feel you may have a depression, what’s the difference between talking to your best friends and licensed professionals (ie counselors)?

    5 answers 1 hour ago Mental Health
  • What is (are) the benefit(s) of having a thick mop of pubic hair above your privates?

    23 answers 3 days ago Men's Health
  • How can I help student with psychosis?

    Recently one of my pupils has been diagnosed with psychosis. She is young and vulnerable, I'm scared on how to help her? Please if you have any ideas that would help distract her from her hallucinations and delusions. I'm having a meeting with her foster mom next week to discuss her illness and how we can support her. She is a really good student and very bright an do want her to succeed. But it's all been bringing her down.
    6 answers 7 hours ago Mental Health
  • Can somebody that has no insulin naturally, survive if they have a very low carb diet?

    6 answers 9 hours ago Diabetes