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  • Should I take the job if the boss dont accept human errors?

    The boss for the department is rude and he doesnt accept my handshake out of politeness. He seems restless and he dont introduce himself during the interview. He said this role cant afford to have mistakes otherwise its all haywire. The interview is less than a minute. The HR told me to comtact them tomorrow for job offer.
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  • How to deal with a bully boss in a restaurant?

    So I'm a server at a nice restaurant and our manager bullies me. For example I had just checked on all my tables, everyone had food, everyone was good on drinks, nobody needed anything. I walked past the server line and stopped and filled a drink for myself and took a drink. My manager then says, "Isn't there anything you could be doing, go water your tables." I went and walked around the restaurant with a full pitcher and returned with it full due to the fact I had just checked and even customers looked at me a little weird for walking by so soon. I literally feel like I can't even stop to take a drink without her thinking I have nothing going on and her either barking out a command or just making a rude "workin hard or hardly workin?" kind of comment. But if I give my customers anymore attention I would be hovering over their table. I also am by far the server that cleans the most and find things to do just fine. So how do I get this lady off my back so I can take a sip without her freaking out?
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  • Agree or disagree: If a teacher or college professor talks rudely to you, talk rudely to them back?

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  • Was it rude for my dad to say my mum hates wordcross puzzles?

    Best answer: Depends on his tone, really
    He probably just said it for emphasis
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  • What does it mean when a man is friendly and affectionate to you in person but read and didn't respond to your Facebook messages?

    Best answer: It means the man is friendly but not interested in you
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  • Is it wrong that I enjoy locking the rest room stalls at Wal-Mart and watch people get mad?

    I do this a lot at Wal-Mart by locking the 8 stalls and be in the 9th stall hearing customers ***** and complain about all the stalls being locked and I just enjoy it so much. Im 28. I go into stalls, lock it and crawl to the next one.
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  • Are pizza delivery drivers responsible to give the customer change?

    I ordered a pizza today but the delivery driver had no change so he had to go back to get change which was a pain to wait for him because he spent nearly 20 minutes. I told him next time he needs to come prepared because not every customer is going to have exact change. I mean, what pizza delivery driver never has $1.00 bills on them or change? You would think they always bring change. Is it the pizza driver’s responsibility to have change on them? Was I being a little rude by telling him that he should come prepared because he literally held my day up and kept me waiting where I had to be somewhere and it took him that long to come back?
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  • Is it considered inappropriate to use loud machinery (e.g. chainsaw) at 7am in a residential street?

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  • Why did this female satanist wink and smile at me?

    Best answer: she liked you
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  • Roommate's boyfriend snores LOUDLY, and he's over all the time?

    I love my roommate and her boyfriend, but he is over at our house ALL THE TIME. This alone is a little irritating (I moved in with two other women for a reason, I hate having to yell "Is Bob [let's call him Bob] here??" before I run to the dryer in my underwear to grab a pair of pants." But, he also snores. Loudly. Her room is right next to mine and the walls are thin. It's usually not horrible, but with it getting colder outside, it's been really bad. Like, waking me up several times throughout the night bad. I mentioned something about it to her (being as nice as possible) and all she said was "he needs a sleep study, that's about all that's going to help." No apology, nothing. I'm getting really tired of being tired because I'm getting woken up 2-3 times a night by someone's snoring who doesn't even live at our house. What the hell do I do?
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  • Would you expect colleagues to ask how your leave was when your return to work?

    Best answer: I wouldn't expect anything more than polite chit chat when I returned to work.
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  • Would you pay for a date that is obviously not going anywhere?

    The other night I went on a date. I met this girl on match.com and we have been talking for a couple of weeks. I wasn't really expecting much on this date. Our conversations had never really been more than me trying to talk to her and she giving a few nonsensical answers that never led to anything. But hey, I figured maybe she is bad with talking online. I asked her out, we went to play pool and had dinner. I had made reservations to a place for dinner but she was very insistent on a restaurant that she liked. A restaurant that was far more expensive than my place. Had the date gone well I wouldn't mind paying. It's the least I can do. But it didn't go well. She was the same stuck up person in real life as over the internet. She had zero personality, nothing interesting to say and she couldn't really offer anything else besides her fairly good looks. There was a mirror behind her and I saw she was sitting with snapchat and instagram. At this point I had enough. I went to our waiter and I paid for what I had. She had a full three course meal and I was not paying for that. I had already paid for pool and drinks at the bar. I went up to her and said: "Hey, this date is not going anywhere. You clearly have no social skills what so ever and you have been more with your phone than me. I have paid for my portion of the meal. You can pay the rest yourself". She started calling me names and didn't want to pay. I walked out and left her. Do you think that was wrong to do so?
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  • What do i do about my neighbor needing me to give him a ride to work every day?

    i would be able to and he would be fine with giving me gas money, but the thing is i don't want to do it every single day. i work 3rd shift, i come home about an hour before he wants to leave, and then he needs me to pick him up 8 hours later which is an hour before i lay down. it might sound mean that the only reason is that i don't want to, but that's just the way it is. every day twice a day is just going to get old for me. the thing is, there's nobody that he can carpool with, there are no taxi services in my area. but i also don't want him to lose a job because i won't give him a ride. what do i do?
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  • "What is the best way to deal with silly customer questions?

    Lately I've been approached by numerous customers with really stupid questions. One told me they should put the word "Janitor" in big reflective letters on the back of my shirt so customers will know I'm stupid and can't answer their questions. One person asked me if they serve food in that restaurant over there. How do you answer that question? "Do they serve meals too". "About how long does it take to get a table?" I don't know, I don't work there, you'll have to go over there and ask them. "What time does the barbershop open?" How the F*** would I know? I don't work there, they just happen to rent a space next door. "Can I get a McCafe in the coffee bar?" Do you see a McDonalds around here? They have some sort of ice coffee but I don't know if it's the same thing or not. "Excuse me, I'm in a hurry, do you have any more of these in the back?" I just sweep the floor and empty the garbage, I have no idea, I'll have to find someone for you. Sometimes floor sales people are busy or just can't be found, they see me and I get plastered with questions about a product I know nothing about. "Do you have an extended warranty for this?" "What would be my exact price after, delivery, installation and tax?" Is there a KIA dealer nearby? We've had occasion where a group came in and used our courtesy tables, then left them littered with Jimmy Johns lunch sacks. I had someone ask me where they got them. I have no clue, I just clean up the mess.
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  • Is it can nsidred ok to ask employees to wear certain footwear?

    My employee doesn’t seem happy that I ask her to wear particular shoes when she comes and cleans my house. I have some new pumps that are harsh on my feet. To wear them in to be comfortable I asked my house cleaner who has about same size feet (maybe a touch wider) to wear them when she’s at my house. She didn’t look happy but it worked (no more blisters for me!) I bought more new shoes next week and this time she didn’t want to wear them. I told her she wouldn’t get her $6 hr if she didn’t, and her had right to insist on employee uniform. Was she wrong to initially refuse??
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  • When giving a gift to someone do you expect a gift in return?

    Best answer: No,

    if I give a gift it is because I genuinely want to give the gift in the first place.
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  • Do you think shy people are weird and creepy?

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  • Would it be considered tasteless to visit an area for a relative's funeral, but spend most of the time in the area visiting friends?

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  • A friend was not there at difficult time,is true to expect nothing from people & you won’t be disappointed?

    I would be there for her if she needed me.. Lesson learnt, people don’t care unless things affect them.
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