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  • How old is still young?

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  • What am I supposed to say when my wife's family invite me for Christmas?

    No offense, but I'd rather spend it with my own family.
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  • Is it wrong to address a man much older than me as "dude"?

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  • Son could not sleep last night due to neighbors partying until 3 am. Do you call in a noise complaint or ignore it?

    Best answer: Call police.
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  • His eating habits are putting a strain on our relationship?!?

    He says he wants to eat healthy so I plan out meals and get groceries. I cook a nice meal and he eats a few bites and says he's full and throws the rest in the garbage. An hour later he's snacking and eating crap. He would have no problem polishing off an entire pizza though in a meal. I'd be less hurt if he said he didn't like it than pretending to like it and throw it out. Every time I bring it up he ignores me and says I need to stop giving him attitude. Would this bother you?
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  • How do I tell a coworker to stop complaining?

    He sits right next to me in a cubicle so I can t avoid him. We both had to work on the same spreadsheet and I finished my part. He has complained nonstop about his share of the work for days, complained to our boss, then sat at his desk and complained some more. It is driving me bat crazy. How do I tell him to knock it off without sounding nasty?
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  • I need to ask my boss for a week off of work because my grandma isn’t doing too well and I have to travel to go see her. My boss is rude?

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  • How embarrassing is this typo?

    I'm a teacher and I sent out a summary email to my students yesterday. All the information attached to the email itself is correct, but I just realized that the word document it's typed on is saved as "Class Academic Academic Info 12-8".' Will the repeat word make me seem unprofessional or might people not even notice?
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  • Etiquette: As a Muslim, how should I respond when people wish me «Merry Christmas»?

    Best answer: you did good.
    when I recently visited Morocco I often greeted people with "assalamu alaikum".
    They often looked surprised but seemed to appreciate the greeting.
    relax, you did good.
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  • My friend cusses me out, even though I tell her I don't like it when people cuss at me?

    You may think I'm weird, but one of my pet peeves is when someone cusses at me. I hardly ever cuss, so it really bothers me when someone cusses at me because I think it's plain rude. My friend doesn't respect that and continues to cuss at me. Any advice?
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  • Why do staff assume that if you load your basket up with lots of nice products you intend on stealing them?

    When I shopping, I'm a serious shopper. I'm not a time waster window shopper like the other shoppers where they spend hours looking around then just purchase one lipstick. I load my basket up with about 4 or 5 celebrity perfumes, several bottles of shampoo and conditioners, body butters, shower gels, body scrubs, a few deodorants, bars of soap, about 5 packs of waxing strips and razors (yes I'm hairy), at least 4 lipsticks, a nail vanish, at least 2 packs of toothpaste and floss, 4 toothbrushes, tampons, sanitary pads, a few tubs of vaseline (I like to stock up on things). No I'm not rich I just don't enjoy shopping so I do a big one like this yearly. But the staff watch me and follow me around meanwhile the people who are just browsing and buying nothing probably have a load of lipsticks stuffed in their handbags. Am I doing anything wrong? Surely it's my money and I can buy as much as I like. I don't dress very nice so do people think I'm using a stolen card or something?
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  • How to politely say no to friends/family who ask for discounts.?

    I work as a cashier for Chick fil a at the mall by my highschool and I have people from school ALWAYS coming up to me and expecting me to give them a discount on their food. How do I kindly tell them I can't?
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  • Why do people accuse me of having money just because I like to wear my rings to work some days?

    It seems that every one pays attention to what I do for some reason. They take notice when I do or don't show up to something but I never hear them make these kind of remarks to other employees. I also have a couple of diamond rings that I bought for myself on vacation (very modest. One is under half a carat and the other is under a quarter carat) and I see many other people wearing rings all the time and I don't see people pointing them out. I just wonder why some people are like this. Yes, I have some things and I do like to use them once in a while. I guess I'm nicely trying to say is why some people want to know how much I spend on some things. I'm sure they would take notice if I started wearing a paper bag to work. i should do that for next Halloween. Sometimes I feel like we just aren't allowed to do anything for ourselves in this society without someone questioning it. I didn't tell them how much I pay for something if it is very nice, and I just tell them that it was a gift from a long time ago. They also ask me how much I spend on my coat, my purse, how much it cost to get my hair done, etc.
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  • Do you trust those fake Samta Claus's who ring their bells in front of busy stores, asking for us to drop $$ into their pot?

    Isn't there a big chance that these fake Santa impostors might actually be stealing some or all of the money they are supposidily collecting for the Red Cross or what ever charity it is that they are asking the public for? Would YOU do it for a day to get yourself some Christmas gift shopping money?
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  • Roommate advice please?

    I'm renting a room in a house from this guy ..I pay 600.00 dollars per Month I pay ontime im quiet I keep out of his way .and come to find out he is coming in my room when I leave for work ..for what reason I don't know ..I had the windows up and he came into my room without my permission and closed them ...again without telling me this normal ? Or disrepectful
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  • I never tip in restaurants?

    Do you think that's bad?
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  • How to not be afraid of public speaking?

    Best answer: First, note that there's a difference between stage fright and public speaking. You're asking if doing martial arts will help you with public speaking classes, and it can't help your ability to speak better, but you might wonder if it can give you more confidence. Realistically, this kind of side benefit isn't going to happen. It sounds like it might help in some vague way, but it won't specifically do anything. You'll have just as much stage fright with or without taking martial arts classes since they aren't related enough scenarios.

    You can get better at removing stage fright by being on stage more. When I was in high school, I couldn't even say one sentence without stammering in front of others. It was cringey and extremely embarrassing. I forced myself to take forensics, entering speech competitions for many weeks out of the year that were district level and regional level competitions with other high school forensics students. Throughout high school and with my experience my nerves went down and I could actually talk, then I could work on improving my actual speaking skills after that. So, face your fear is the only way to get over it in my experience. Do it again and again, you'll be fine though that doesn't mean it's going to not be rough. Good luck.
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  • What would be the appropriate way to handle this solution?

    I have a problem with this teenage girl who lives down the street. We have new neighbors who moved in a while back ago who happens to have a teenage son. So they hang out often. The problem is, whenever she leaves his place to go back home she hope the fence from they're front yard into ours to cross onto the sidewalk. The first time I noticed was coming back from grocery shopping and she just crossed into our front yard right in front of me so was very disrespectful as well. I don't know if she's doing it just to impress the boy or what and I frankly don't care, I just want to know what would be the best and most appropriate way to handle this situation? The other thing is, I can't just talk to the parents because it will go in one ear and out the other... So that's ruled out.
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  • Did I handle my roommate the right way?

    I have 2 roommates. They are both great, but one of them has a friend who doesn't have the best of respect for others' belongings. Last week, his friend ate some pasta that I had cooked. I confronted my roommate about it, and my roommate offered to pay me back the $10 for the ingredients. I declined and told him "I'm going to ask you to replace the ingredients themselves. I don't have time to go to the store again until the weekend. It still won't compensate me for the time that I took to cook it, but I really don't have time to make another run to the store." My roommate said "It's not me who ate it, it was my friend." I said "I know who ate it, but you're the one who invited your friend over. I'd encourage you to get the money from your friend and prevent him from eating my foot or using my things."
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  • How can I be more endearing to people?

    Best answer: Smile, but not too much. Ask about themselves, but not too much.
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