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  • If you were moving into an apartment, and the previous tenant died in it, would you want to know?

    Asking for a friend
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  • Why do people ask "how are you?" when the answer is always "I'm fine" or "I'm good"?

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  • What would you do if someone sneezed on your food?

    Best answer: I would grab their face and hold their mouth open with both hands and vomit into it. Then give them an atomic wedgie before slamming their face on the table, knocking them out.
    Then you'd see me walking away as the building explodes behind me in slow motion, but I don't even flinch.
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  • Would it be too soon to ask?

    So my ex and I have sort of gotten back together after almost four years apart. We broke after going long distance for college and it was messy. We didn't really talk at all for three years and we slowly just started really reconnecting and now it's just like before. It feels like it did when we were growing up only I feel happier and more connected, like we never really went through what we went through. One thing that keeps nagging at me is how we broke up. Not to put blame on her but it sort of started with her after a few months of being apart. I never got a clear answer of what made her want to break up and since we've gotten back together I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I want to ask her but don't know if it's too soon or too serious to get into, so should I?
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  • Was they wrong for being on the phone during dinner?

    my two cousins and I went out. They were talking to their men on the phone. Then one cousin couldn't afford dinner so I had to pay.
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  • Did I set a Bad Example!?!?

    I'm an RA in a freshman dorm. I am 21 so I can legally drink. I was talking to my other 21 year old friend about how I got really drunk last night, and my freshmen residents overheard. One of them said, "You got REALLY drunk?" And looked at me with disapproval and snickers. Did I ruin my professionalism? I replied "I am of age...and I was talking to Jim, not you guys", and smiled.
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  • Is it rude to say this?

    Best answer: yes it hurts his feelings.. there are things better left unsaid
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  • Co worker acting rude?

    Co worker acting rude towards me? I have been working with a guy for 8mths, he is in his late 40’s (Steve) and I’m 23 and female. When I was working with him and I was busy doing something I would look up and catch him staring at me and he would quickly look down at what he was doing, this happened multiple times. For the past few months Iv been working in a different department and we barley speak. A few weeks ago I was talking to a male and female co worker as I was talking saw Steve staring right at me, when I saw him he quickly snapped his head back around and pretended he wasn’t looking. A few days ago I was talking to a different older female co worker and I turned and again I saw Steve staring at me and he quickly turned away. Iv have also been working on the other side of the store and caught him staring at me. When he talks to other people he stares at me also. When I have been serving customers and he is leaving work I have looked up as he is walking past and caught him staring and he quickly looks down. We used to talk a lot more and he used to talk about his other job and his wife and was friendly to me. He has been acting more rude to me lately and is quite short with me. I am not sure what I have done, I get along fine with everyone else and I miss working in the other department. I feel awkward around him now and feel like I have to avoid him. Why is he acting like this and should I confront him?
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  • I am graduating this semester but not attending graduation because I am overseas, how can I ask/get graduation gifts/money?

    I know this sounds selfish, but i'm curious how graduation gifts work if someone doesn't attend the ceremony and invite family and friends. After I graduate I am working online and traveling so I need some extra cash to buy a macbook.. that's the whole purpose behind this. Anybody have any insight? I am from Texas, studying in England
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  • Should I Regard Her As Step-Mother?

    Best answer: As she is a partner to your parent and is a female it is more appropriate to call her stepmother than stepfather. You could also call her your mothers partner, which, while establishing the relationship may be a little less confusing if you are introducing her when your birth mother isn’t present.

    However, if all parties are happy with this assigned definition, I see not problem with using it.
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  • Why is it so hard to find an honest trader?

    This is a serious question, not just a rant.. why is it so hard to find honest business people who aren t trying to rip you off.. I m talking about when you take your car in for service, take something to a pawn shop and they devalue it beyond a fair price for both parties.. just jobsworths who think it s okay to be so greedy and take advantage of potentially misinformed people. This is obviously going to happen a little bit but it seems very common, and it s bad business practice as no one is ever going to go back to that place after being ripped off once..
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  • Whats the best way to respond to this situation? I'm working on a job my boss needs done in the next 60 minutes. All of a sudden I hear my?

    Best answer: Tell them that. "If I work on this, I don't know if I can complete the other project you wanted me to work on, is that okay?"
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  • I did something awkward at work yesterday and feel stupid, can I redeem myself?

    Best answer: You can't. But what you can do is minimize it by moving forward and not giving it any thought.

    By trying to redeem yourself you will only force others to remember or relive your original error causing you further embarrassment and more damage.
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  • Was this rude of my room mate to say or am I thinking of it the wrong way?

    Best answer: I guess it would depend on HOW she said it. If she was being sarcastic and annoyed, you would know it. She would sound like she's out of patience. However, if it was with a sympathetic tone, she would have said it softly and it would sound kind. Many people don't know how to handle someone who's upset, depressed and perhaps, crying. They don't know how to approach - should I hug? Does this person want to be touched? What do I say? Would I make it worse by talking and offering ideas/suggestions? The 'correct' response would be "yes, I'm crying. I've had a terrible day and I am upset." Sometimes, it just helps to listen and be kind.
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  • Can someone explain to me why I am selfish and immature for finding it unacceptable to?

    loudly and aggressively accost a snoring person on a repeated basis without even bothering to explain what is going on? Especially when the person who is awake at least has the choice to explain the matter in a clear and civilized manner.
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  • If you tell someone a personal secret and tell them to keep it private and they say "no one to tell, dont worry"..what does that mean?

    There is people they could tell like their family, friends, etc. What does "no one to tell" really mean?
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  • I work in a Doctors office answering phones & scheduling appointments etc. How should I reply to a lady who DEMANDS an early evening?

    appointment for her 9 year old son or daughter (because she says they have to go to sleep early so they'll wake up early for school) - IMO that isn't a good excuse to push them ahead of other people who scheduled their appointment 7 hours before them. - Because if a 9 year old child gets an appropriate amount of sleep every night it won't hurt them to go to sleep an hour late for 1 night. - Also the other adult patients also have to go to sleep early & wake up early for work.
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