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  • What is your favorite video game of all time?

    Best answer: GTA, I can spend lots of time on it and I never get bored, there's so much to do and I also love playing with my friends.
    22 answers
  • Pokemon games or Mario Games? Which do you prefer?

    I say Mario games for the win
    9 answers
  • Does having the "High Ground" during combat really give you a tactical advantage like it did in Star Wars?

    I know it's joked a lot in Star Wars, but if you had the higher ground over a enemy during combat situations does it make a great difference?
    15 answers
  • Son wants Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Help!?

    Best answer: You don’t need a memory card. The switch includes one. The only reason to buy one is if you plan to buy a lot of virtual games.

    For a 10 year old, I think Mario Kart 8 would be good. Mario Odyssey is really good but I don’t know if it might be too difficult for him. Same for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Breath is harder than Odyssey so he might have difficulty completing the game. Mario vs Rabbids is tactical game so he might not be mature enough to use strategy. Pokken Tournament if he likes Pokémon and fighting games.
    6 answers
  • Videogame suggestions?

    Preferably non-horror and comedic. I like mainstream games.
    7 answers
  • What is that game on steam called where it shows how all the different members in a family died because of a curse?

    Best answer: That's 'What Remains of Edith Finch', I am sure.
    4 answers
  • Is 15 too old for Nintendo?

    So I want to get the Nintendo Switch for Christmas. My dad isn't against the price of it, he just feels that at 15 I am too old for nintendo and that it is a system for kids less than 10. Am I too old for nintendo and how do I convince him that 15 isn't too old for it. I've said even adults play it but he doesn't believe me saying its for dumb adults. I personally don't agree but do you think there's any way to get him to see my side of the story. Thanks
    26 answers
  • What was the first video game?

    I saw the this only once at a hotel room about 15 years ago it was a shooter we're a rockstar was the bad guy ex thinking might have been a famous rock star I can't exactly remember who it was but all I know is a shooter where a rockstar was too bad guy nem might have been a very famous Band 2 I just don't remember though
    5 answers
  • Why don't they make the Army soldiers clean the streets, instead of sitting around the barracks playing cards?

    Best answer: Everything's about your statement is retarded. First of all there is a war right now, and men are dying while you sit around and rant and rave about stupid bullsh*t on your device which I'm sure your parents bought for you. What the hell are you doing young man? And what gives you the right to tell anyone anything? I can rest assured that your opinion of soldiers and what they do is the last thing they are worried about. You're nothing but dogsh*t on my shoes. Well, that's not true, dogsh*t on my shoes at least bothers me... so that's an insult to dogsh*t..
    10 answers
  • If im retarded does that mean im gay? peopke ion roblox said so am i gay?

    Best answer: There's no correlation between the two - in your case it's just a coincidence.
    5 answers
  • Kirby or Mario?

    Which game that Nintendo made was more fun and challenging between Kirby and Mario?
    5 answers
  • What was the best era for video games?

    Best answer: Probably the PS2/Gamecube era. This is when you didn't have to pay to play your own video games.
    5 answers
  • Is Chris Costa overrated?

    4 answers
  • Any good multiplayer game?

    My girlfriend lives far away from me and she wants to play multiplayer with me. We are both in high school and I need to find some multiplayer games, not like those you use one keyboard, but games you play online. Any suggestions?
    7 answers
  • Is it odd that I still play my X Box 360?

    I have both consoles, an X Box 360 and an X Box One and while I play my X box One It's not often at all. I have Doom, Halo and Batman on my X Box One which I have played but I've got so many awesome games on my 360 that I seem to always resort back to plus I'm always finding new cheap games for the 360. I haven't touched my X Box One in over 3 Months, but will spend quiet evenings happily playing Dead Space, Gears of War, Call of Duty, Blacksite, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider.... I just love those games and the 360 is still my baby that I just can't seem to neglect. I feel I should be buying new X Box one games but honestly can't be bothered haha
    5 answers
  • Old computer game help!?

    I’m looking for the name of this old computer game I used to love. It would’ve been around early 2000s that I played it, 2005/6/7 etc. I don’t remember much about it except there was this huge castle that you could roam freely around inside and outside. I think it had red carpet inside and a big staircase. I was sure that it was a MARIO game. I can’t seem to find the name of it anywhere! It was a long time ago though so there is the possibility I’m forgetting a lot of details. Thanks for the help!
    4 answers
  • What's wrong with GTA IV?

    4 answers
  • Is this proof that satanic video games are pushing pornography on our children?

    14 answers
  • Are gaming PCs ( desktops or laptops) from wal mart good for gaming if there arond 700 bucks?

    Best answer: It all depends on how powerful the computer is and what the power requirements of the games are, they vary quite a bit. See what games you want to buy/play, and look at the games recommended requirements for computer hardware. That'll give you an idea of what level comp to buy.
    4 answers