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  • How to describe a fat person in a book?

    im writing a story and there is a 16 year old male whose fat. Most of his weight is probably from muscle, but hes not an insane bodybuilder or anything. How could I describe him?
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  • Fantasy meadow names? (I've already tried looking at the fantasy name generator and nothing is sticking out to me)?

    It's a luscious field that's surrounded by enchanted trees and Sugar Snakeberry flowers to protect the new lives that grow in the meadow, the fairies and sparrow men are the only creatures that are immune to the flowers' venom. This meadow is where the all the fairies and sparrow men come to every four year's to celebrate the 'New Life Festival' during this festival, the fairy couples plant the seed of a new fairy/sparrow man before they wait a whole year for the fairy/sparrow man to start sprouting.
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  • What in your opinion is the great american novel?

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  • Where does a writer, who wants to make a living from their work, start this journey?

    Best answer: You do your own research -- your niche markets are going to be different than anyone else's especially since you're all over the board on your focus. Songs go to one niche, poetry (a declining art) is either self published or finding little response in the book publishing industry lately. Kids stories are divided by age, each type (picture books, readers, young adult, etc.) are all having their own market and most would need the writer to sell through an agent unless they wish to self publish.

    Go to the library. In the reference section are the key books you need. Writers Market 2018, Children's Writers & Illustrations Market 2018, Poet's Market 2018, etc. Those books not only tell you how to submit material, they also have lists of publishers, magazines, agents, etc. to connect with.

    Online writers help is there for any who need it.
    Here's one for kids books.
    Picture book writing for kids books (there's a limit of a 500 word maximum in the book)
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  • Is it politically incorrect to say "Brown hand" in a story?

    "Clare chuckled, dropping five coins into her brown hand." Is this politically incorrect? What should I say instead? The character is also Jamaican, so should I say "black hand" instead? Thanks.
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  • What are some random objects?

    I m brainstorming a story where characters powers are determined by the last thing they touched. Like, this little girl was coloring with crayons, and now she can draw with her fingertips. Feel free to have useless/stupid ones, just sfw please
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  • What is a good title for a power point on Euthanasia?

    writing. English.
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  • Seeing how ridiculously popular Harry Potter is, is everyone a fool for not copying the formula?

    Here’s the formula btw: A contemporary fantasy novel, starring an average, relatable person, who hates their life. They have to have a ‘humbling loss’ in their past, which is the ‘inciting incident’, inspiring their ‘motivation’ (dramatic need), which is to defeat the antagonist who was the cause of their loss. After crossing over into the other realm (they are glad to escape their previous existence) & with the help of the mentor & sidekicks, the protagonist goes through ‘the struggle’ before reaching ‘the metamorphosis’ & then finally defeating the antagonist. Maybe through in a ‘fatal flaw’ for god measure. Have I missed anything integral to HP’s popularity? Why are people writing novels that deviate so much from this formula, including J. K. Rowling herself (with her new creations)? It just doesn’t make sense.
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  • I need a middle name for Morrigan (female)?

    Hi, I m looking for a middle name for Morrigan. Preferably an unusual name. Its for a character in a story I m writing not a real person btw
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  • What books do you recommend to read in English :)?

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  • I'm writing a story and need character name ideas?

    Here are the characters: 1 - Main character is a girl who is 20. She's really thin with dark red hair, she's kinda depressive, she's quiet, she's a physics student in college, and really into that stuff, and kind of a stoner but real smart. 2 - her boyfriend. He's tall and skinny and they've been together years and he works night shifts in the kitchen at a hospital. He's really emotional and sweet but also a little bit confused lol 3 - the girl's brother. He's 17 and into skateboarding and speed, and is really sweet to his gf and wants to be a good dad. He is also really smart and good at maths. He got his girlfriend pregnant just recently. 4 - the brother's girlfriend. She's from a really rough family and wants to be a good mum even though she's only 16 because her mum sucked. She has heaps of siblings and gets in trouble at school heaps, getting in fights and stuff, and she's really tough. She's got bleached blonde hair and lots of freckles. They're all from a small kinda shitty town in England so I don't want them to have real fancy names or anything, and obviously the brother and main character need to have names that sound like names people might name their two kids. I appreciate any ideas and if you wanna comment on their characters and things I might want to change that would be really cool! Thanks xxx
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  • Why does Stephen King's 'Misery' have it's title?

    I understand the antagonistic of the novel/film essentially puts the protagonist through a sort of "misery" throughout the story, but is there an alternative or deeper meaning behind the title? Best answer will be picked. Have a nice day.
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  • I'm bad at coming up with names what is a good name for a fictional male character personality and appearance in description.?

    Best answer: Tom Jones
    Dick Miller
    Harry Williams
    John Smith
    Fred Brown

    Who gives a toss what you call him? If you could write worth a damn, any of those names would be fine.
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  • I m thinking of writing something, would you rather read about the demon in the corner, or a fallout where the tin foil hat guy was right?

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  • Where is steampunk used and why is it so appealing to people?sssssssssssssssssssssss...

    I need help writing a speech about steampunk and was wondering if anyone could give ideas
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  • Who is your favourite little women? Meg, Jo, Beth or Amy?

    Best answer: It still is a difficult decision.

    Beth was the most unselfish girl. When I first read the book, I cried when she died.
    I liked Amy least, yet I thought she was the best foil for Jo. She wasn't mean, just too pretty and self-absorbed. I felt a little sorry for her. She was no better or worse than other girls in her school, yet she didn't have their respect because she did not have the
    latest thing. I think that she learned to appreciate pretty things because she studied how to create them.
    I related to Meg because she was the oldest. She had to be an adult too soon. She had Amy's feelings of deprivation, but she had known the pleaures of a cosseted childhood, yet she never blamed her father. I admire her for learning to enjoy what she had and not becoming soured.
    Jo is the heroine, of course. I admire her go ahead attitude. She was the knight of the four. And she was a writer.
    All four were creators. Amy was artistic. Meg created her home and family life. Beth gave music.
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  • Yes or no.. This is a good unique topic?

    A part that is not discussed in the media is that some women would come on to guys at work. They flirt and initiate relationships with them and how some women will start making false accusations on guys who don't want them.
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  • Why don't many teenagers read?

    I'm 14 and don't know anyone my age who reads as much as me. It's kinda sad cos I don't have anyone to talk to about my books and when I get sad about something happening to my favourite character (spoiler for outsiders!). An example is when Johnny dies in The Outsiders, I felt as though I'd lost a real friend. My actual friends laughed when I said this. Sometimes I feel like books are better friends than people.
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  • Would you rather like couples?

    Best answer: Their appearance doesn't matter. Do you ever put a book down when the author mentions that the hero has a beard, or the heroine is taller than he is?
    At the moment both pairs are what I have seen described as 'cliches with feet'. Do something to make them interesting - which does not mean change their hair colour.
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  • Is Science Fiction For Loosers?

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