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  • Why am I so nice?

    Yes, I know this sounds weird, but hear me out. I have an extreme social anxiety disorder and suffer from other mental disorders. I've been treated like crap from people and still am. Yet for some reason, my natural instinct is to be incredibly nice to people. I've been able to talk to famous people, the "mean" girls in school, etc... all because of that. If someone doesn't have a chair to sit in, i naturally get up and let them have it, even if they are horrible to me. If someone needs help with homework, i send links of a ton of resources for them to use and give them tips, even if they aren't nice and it takes me about 20 minutes to do. I just, do it. Like how you naturally breath, i naturally act this way. Does it have anything to do with your DNA or something? I mean like, in 3rd grade I literally spent my entire lunch and recess period helping people work out their problems because it felt so natural for me to do. I just don't understand. Some people are naturally mean, so what makes me naturally nice? I'm sorry if i come off as cocky, i wasn't trying to do so. I was just thinking about it recently and was naturally curious.
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  • What's so special about her?

    27 answers 14 hours ago Other - Beauty & Style
  • Why can't anti feminists even define feminism?

    7 answers 6 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why does the "big is beautiful" movement only apply to women?

    We live in an age where body shaming is being condemned, which is great. We should not be shaming other peoples bodies simply because they don't look like our own, or like models. That's sh*tty. But it seems like this movement applies only to women. "You are beautiful the way you are", and "You don't have to change a thing about yourself" and "You can get any guy you want" seem to only apply to women. Granted, men are more shallow about it, but still... I have goiter, and am prone to weight gain in spite of having healthy habits. I have medication that I can take, but it has some undesirable side effects. Thus, I eat mostly healthy and am physically active, but when I do indulge in unhealthy foods, or if I am sedentary for more than 3 consecutive days, I take the meds so that the unhealthy food doesn't do TOO much damage to my waistline, and I don't take the meds regularly. But in spite of this, I do have extra weight. I get told all the time that if I don't try to lose weight, I have no business expecting a hot girl to be interested in me, and that I should keep my expectations realistic. So help me, if I ever said this to a woman....
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  • Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

    There's 3 stages of intellectual mature thought when it comes to abortions.
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  • What are some examples of laws privileging or advantaging females in the U.S.?

    11 answers 2 days ago Gender Studies
  • Why are liberals pro-immigration?

    I consider myself a liberal. If you're a liberal and especially a male liberal and you support immigration then you're sick. With the epidemic of sexual assault and violence against women you want to bring in immigrants some of who will rape women?? What kind of person chooses foreigners over the safety of women? It's disgusting. We shouldn't be allowing in immigrants from the Middle East or Africa. MY BORDERS MY CHOICE This goes for all countries not just the United States.
    22 answers 8 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Why do so many men think the court system is sexist towards them when it comes to custody of their kids?

    Best answer: Because that is how it is portrayed by the few fathers who actually did want their kids but couldn't get them.

    I've seen the studies on this myself, along with talking to people who actually work with divorce lawyers, and the majority of the time the father willingly gives the kids to the mother, but when a father does fight for custody, the courts give him huge credit for this and often award the kids to him, because it really is quite rare for a father to care enough to want custody.
    11 answers 10 hours ago Gender Studies
  • Is it weird for close friends to cuddle?

    Cause me and my friends do cuddle regardless of gender or sexuality and Americans told me it's weird but fellow Germans didn't mind and thought it was cute. Is it weird?
    9 answers 8 hours ago Psychology
  • Why are single mothers seen as a burden on this society, but single fathers are respected a lot and seen as an object of endearment?

    When it comes to single mums everywhere there's hatred for them- like, they slept with a wrong man, slept around too much and are insufficient parents.. But if a guy is a single father, he becomes an object of endearment- people adore him and respect him for.. why don't they tell him why he slept around so much or why did he sleep with the wrong woman?
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