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  • Why can't anti feminists even define feminism?

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  • Why does the "big is beautiful" movement only apply to women?

    We live in an age where body shaming is being condemned, which is great. We should not be shaming other peoples bodies simply because they don't look like our own, or like models. That's sh*tty. But it seems like this movement applies only to women. "You are beautiful the way you are", and "You don't have to change a thing about yourself" and "You can get any guy you want" seem to only apply to women. Granted, men are more shallow about it, but still... I have goiter, and am prone to weight gain in spite of having healthy habits. I have medication that I can take, but it has some undesirable side effects. Thus, I eat mostly healthy and am physically active, but when I do indulge in unhealthy foods, or if I am sedentary for more than 3 consecutive days, I take the meds so that the unhealthy food doesn't do TOO much damage to my waistline, and I don't take the meds regularly. But in spite of this, I do have extra weight. I get told all the time that if I don't try to lose weight, I have no business expecting a hot girl to be interested in me, and that I should keep my expectations realistic. So help me, if I ever said this to a woman....
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  • Are you pro-life or pro-choice?

    There's 3 stages of intellectual mature thought when it comes to abortions.
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  • What are some examples of laws privileging or advantaging females in the U.S.?

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  • Why are liberals pro-immigration?

    I consider myself a liberal. If you're a liberal and especially a male liberal and you support immigration then you're sick. With the epidemic of sexual assault and violence against women you want to bring in immigrants some of who will rape women?? What kind of person chooses foreigners over the safety of women? It's disgusting. We shouldn't be allowing in immigrants from the Middle East or Africa. MY BORDERS MY CHOICE This goes for all countries not just the United States.
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  • A question for anti-feminists: what are some of your greatest intellectual influences leading you to conclude that feminism is wrong?

    Maybe you could cite some publications, refute some feminist philosophers (if you can name any), discuss what hannity said that one time, describe how many women have rejected you, and so forth. Also, how do you define "feminism" and "anti-feminism"?
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  • Why do so many men think the court system is sexist towards them when it comes to custody of their kids?

    Best answer: Because that is how it is portrayed by the few fathers who actually did want their kids but couldn't get them.

    I've seen the studies on this myself, along with talking to people who actually work with divorce lawyers, and the majority of the time the father willingly gives the kids to the mother, but when a father does fight for custody, the courts give him huge credit for this and often award the kids to him, because it really is quite rare for a father to care enough to want custody.
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  • Why are single mothers seen as a burden on this society, but single fathers are respected a lot and seen as an object of endearment?

    When it comes to single mums everywhere there's hatred for them- like, they slept with a wrong man, slept around too much and are insufficient parents.. But if a guy is a single father, he becomes an object of endearment- people adore him and respect him for.. why don't they tell him why he slept around so much or why did he sleep with the wrong woman?
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  • Do feminists have high testosterone levels?

    Best answer: Yes, this is why they look and act like a dude
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  • Has feminism always been a hate movement?

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  • Are women's standards for men higher than vice versa?

    Best answer: Yes they are, and it has always been this way. This is all due to hypergamy.
    Hypergamy is an evolutionary outcome that explains female mate selection. Overwhelmingly, a women chooses a man who is taller than her, stronger than her, makes more money than her and has higher social status than her. A male CEO will have no problem marrying his secretary, but a female doctor will not marry a male nurse. Prince charming marries Cinderella but have you ever heard of a princess even looking at a chimney sweep?

    Just go to any dating site to confirm this. Females are always looking for their 'equal' or greater. No woman is looking for a househusband. Because this is ingrained in our genetic wiring, it will not go away anytime soon. Certainly 50 years of a social engineering program (feminism) will have no effect. Not to mention it does not address this issue at all to begin with. In it's efforts to 'empower' women it has no mechanisms to deal with evolutionary realities.
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  • Gender Studies: Are female rapists given the same scrutiny as male rapists are?

    Take a look at this link here: It's called "The big list" And it's Female teachers who have raped their students. Over 13 pages worth!! What do you feel about the different way this is handled compared with the current frenzy over male rapists?
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  • Why do feminists keep saying men are "privileged"?

    Best answer: buzzword
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  • Do feminists still use the Kill All Men hashtag?

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  • Why do people deny the fact that women use their ***** to manipulate men?

    It is pretty obvious. Women have been using their ***** and A$$ES to manipulate men yet people deny this fact. Women use their private parts as nuclear weapon against men. This clearly proves that women's sex drive is the biggest joke in the evolution of mankind because if women really enjoyed sex, then they wouldn't have withheld sex from their spouse. I mean how can someone withhold something he or she truly likes? This is one of the main reason why movements and groups like MGTOW emerged to help save men from evilness of women. Yes, call me a misogynist or a passively-aggressive man. I would like to NOT have sex with a woman rather than giving up to a woman's sexual weapons.
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  • Are men more intelligent than women?

    23 answers
  • Why do lots of men disrespect women?

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  • Difference between gender and sex?

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  • Is it true teenage girls think it's exciting and fun to take a handsome younger 13 or 14 year old boy's virginity?

    Best answer: Girls will say no but some girls do have sexual fantasises about going boys, it's not just older guys with younger girls.

    There's an excitement about it...
    A 19 year old girl on my snapchat practically said she's down to 'be bad' for me aka f me LOL all cause I'm cute & im 15 so ­čśŁ Don't hold back bro .. young boys can get older girls too!! Good luck ?!
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