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  • I'm at the gym right now working out and minding my own business. A female stranger keep staring at me multiple times each minute. I view?

    Best answer: I know the gym I go to will ban men if a woman says she feels uncomfortable in their presence. It could be he’s breathing too hard when lifting, she doesn’t like a glance he gives her, doesn’t like what’s written on his shirt etc. Women of course don’t get similarly banned.

    Men get they shouldn’t make eye contact, shouldn’t get on an exercise machine next to a woman, shouldn’t workout aggressively if a woman in close proximity, etc. Nobody ever talks, not even hellos. Times are changing.
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  • What does it say about the college sexual assault judicial system when 90 percent of cases filed are regret sex?

    According to the Department of Education." rel="nofollow">
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  • What do you think about men who date women, but refuse to marry?

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  • Why don't women like mansplaining?

    Are women becoming more complicated than ever before? How do they expect men to talk to them? How do they want us to behave to them? Honestly I have no idea. I find it weird to talk seriously to a woman like man to man. I don't know why but I am sure it doesn't work that way. Women shouldn't take everything disrespectful and personal. Just chill out, not all men are @ssholes. Most of us respect women. We are just flirting with you without anything in mind.
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  • Why are colleges hearing cases of sexual assault themselves?

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  • Why are women so cautious in terms of trusting or feeling comfortable around men?

    especially younger women? is feminism telling them that men can't be trusted and that we are all sexual predators?
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  • Is it true that women don't love men for who they are, but rather for what they are?

    For example, they love men for the status or security that they can bring them and not for them as people? I
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  • Why do I often see people identifying themselves as Feminists as unpleasnant?

    If they're rude because they feel like you're the one being unpleasant toward them I get that, but I'm under the impression that they have this logic that to provide equality to men, they should be able to express sad emotions which I agree on, but at the same time you find those same people hashtagging #MenAreTrash. So they state that men are trash and they think that that is supposed to be uplifting to men? That they're making men into better people by insulting them? I have been many times on Feminist Facebook pages and they come across as really judgemental of others, and when you ask questions that make you doubt the movement you find that they often are aggressive even if you were not trying to anger them at all, you were just critical of some points. While they claim that they are not condescending at all, I have only met one person in my life who identifies as a Feminist and does not come across to me as condescending. Every other person I meet who considers themselves Feminists have been quite patronizing in some way or the other not to say all Feminists are that way. I just feel like Feminism was supposed to be about empowerment, but really I have only viewed it as being to exact opposite.
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  • What's your opinion on affirmative action?

    To me, if you hire someone because their not white or a man; just to fit a qouta is racist... to both parties. Ignore the fact if they meet the requirements for the job or not. Hiring them just to make your business look good by filing a qouta is racist/sexist to both whites/men and non whites/woman. Judging people based on their race /gender is awful.
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  • Isn’t feminist free bleeding a public health risk?

    Where I work, if any blood is spilled, the area needs to be closed until someone properly trained comes in to clean the area, such is the concern over blood born pathogens. Yet we see feminists free bleeding, purposely spilling menstral blood in public. Isn’t that a public health risk?
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  • Why are there so many gender double standards when it comes to sexual harassment?

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  • Starting to feel FEAR around men?

    Best answer: It's mens chemistry that does it. Moral of the story, Treat men right and they will return the love. Treat them bad and....

    Also, the bad character traits that people will not let go of are to blame. It's like gravity, the more of it there is, the more POWER there is. (so to speak). And if you do wrong to others, then they will WANT to do wrong to you. The trick is to be the first one to say "NO, this cycle of destruction ends with me". " I will end it and you will be the last to do wrong."
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  • Why do women give men the worse dating advice on how to get women??

    Best answer: Bc women have no self awareness and are totally clueless about what they actually are attracted to. Its all about feelings and they dont spend any time figuring out where those feelings really come from or why and how a certain guy makes them feel that way. They feel and they react to it, then they wait until they feel something else and react to that. There is no self reflection going on and precious little concious control over those feelings
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  • Do men like dramatic makeup?

    Ok, so I'm going on this date tonight with a very handsome 24 year old guy. I'm wearing a tight short sexy black dress with sexy stilettos. This is the makeup look I want to wear, will he like it? I'm only asking because I'm aiming to impress him only. Also, how old do I look?
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  • Are a man's bank account and status the only things women care about?

    Because I've seen lots of men who are either really ugly, morally corrupt, old, and with a lot of baggage but they almost always have lots of women if they're rich and have high social status.
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  • Feminists: How do you think your future children will feel about you, when you would have gladly terminated their life...?

    ...had it been more convenient for you to do so?
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  • Is there such as thing as male-privilege for men under 5'10?

    I'm a 5'6 male, and I believe male-privilege only exists for men over 5'10. It doesn't matter if you White, Black, Asian, Mexican, ALL tall men have privilege that women and short men don't. Tall men get promoted faster, get paid more, get married younger. Why do people who say that male-privilege exist, claim all men have when it's only the tall men? What male privilege do short men have?
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  • Why are feminist women such whores?

    Best answer: Many of them are butt-ugly dykes with no morals whatsoever.
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  • What makes a man a MAN?

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  • Why are there so many more males in prison than females?

    this is a simple question but I cant find a simple answer. It's not because of testosterone. It's not because of men are all sick. so which is it? Why are so many males in prison compared to females?
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