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  • Hyundai Sonata or Toyota Camry?

    Which car is more dependable and would last longer
    22 answers 2 days ago Buying & Selling
  • How do i convince my husband to let me get an automatic?

    Best answer: Modern autos achieve better gas mileage than manuals, but also as Steve S pointed out they do not need periodic clutch replacements.

    The days of routine clutch changes costing $300-$400 are now dead, as most modern cars use Dual Mass Flywheels, and they also now often need replacing with the clutch making the job typically cost around $1200 now.

    If none of that convince him, then put your foot down. If you don't get what you want in the driving seat, he doesn't get what he wants in the bedroom.
    13 answers 2 days ago Toyota
  • I got into a car accident. Am I at fault?

    I had a green light and was driving when I heard an ambulance a car atleast 4 cars ahead of me slammed on their breaks in the middle of the intersection and caused 4-5 cars to rear end eachother. I slammed on my breaks to keep from colliding with them but I couldn’t stop in Time. When I hit the car I went forward and now my shoulders,neck and head are starting to hurt. Am I at fault for not stopping ontime ?
    22 answers 1 day ago Insurance & Registration
  • What are the early warning signs that indicates that your car's starter needs to be changed?

    I drive a 2007 Honda Civic coupe. Sometimes when I start my car the starter gives a bit of a slow start. Sometimes it may act as if it is not working but after a few seconds the engine will turn over. Does this mean I have to change my starter?
    22 answers 13 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Car only starts with jump?

    My car just got jumped and it started up ...my roadside assistance said his meter was reading that I had 12 volts in my battery which is normal. Strangely when I turned my car off and tried to turn it back on without the jump it began to click again . Lights and electrical system come on but car wont crank over and makes this clicking sound. What could be the issue ?
    42 answers 3 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Hello expert car mechanics, how do i make my CVT transmission on my toyota corolla 2016 last?

    Best answer: It will be fine - they aren't anymore prone to breakdown than any other automatic transmission. Nissan even extended warranty on the Murano to 100k miles. My wife's 04 went well into the 100K with no trans problems and that was on a relatively high power V6.
    Just drive normally follow the service intervals in the owners manual and it will all be good.
    15 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How can I get a car if I don't have a job, I need a car?

    25 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Is 135,000 miles a lot for a used car?

    Best answer: For a petrol engine, its a lot.
    But, then again it's German and usually built to a better standard than some engines.
    I'd take a mechanic with you when you go to see it, so they'll know what to look for
    17 answers 19 hours ago Buying & Selling
  • Did i get a good deal on this car? 1999 infiniti g20?

    1999 infiniti g20t with 180,000 miles. i paid $1400 for it. It has leather interior, sunroof, manual transmisión.
    7 answers 20 hours ago Infiniti
  • My heater/a/c, blower stopped working. What could be the issue?

    14 answers 16 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • Can it be possible that you never rode a motorcycle but you know how ride just by getting on?

    But out of know where I know how to ride it but I haven’t get on one before
    13 answers 11 hours ago Motorcycles

    14 answers 2 days ago Buying & Selling
  • Should I follow my car dealer's recommended oil change frequency, or should I go by the owners manual?

    Best answer: Let's see:

    Light usage -- check. The US average is 15,000 per year and you're at half that.

    High temperature -- check. Regular operation in excess of 100 F is rough on an engine.

    Stop and go usage -- check. Half of the miles are S&G. That's rough on an engine.

    Dusty conditions -- check. Even on a day that does not appear to be very dusty, in the desert every day is a dusty day as far as your engine is concerned.

    Now, let's go have a look at the owner's manual again. It may say that oil and filter should be changed every 7,500 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first, but let's look a the severe use recommendations. Light usage, high operating temperature, stop and go driving, dusty conditions and towing heavy loads all qualify as severe usage by themselves. You have 4 out of 5.

    I'll wager without looking that for severe service, the manual recommends oil and filter every 3,750 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. Frankly, the dealer is recommending a less frequent service interval than the factory does.
    16 answers 1 day ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • How long would it take a mechanic to change a clutch on a c3 picasso?

    8 answers 2 days ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • What car will accelerate faster from pull off - 1.8 Petrol or 2.1 Diesel?

    12 answers 18 hours ago Maintenance & Repairs
  • I trying to to figure out who was at fault during a car accident which I was involved in. Please help!?

    There was a car accident which I was involved in 4 days ago and I am trying to figure out who was at fault. I was in a parking lot at my friend's house. And behind that parking lot, there was a road with two lanes on each side. That night, there was a little sprinkles of rain and the back of my car window, it was really foggy and could not see who could have stopped behind me. It was on a road where car keeps on moving. Before I got in the car I checked if there was anyone who had stopped in the road parallel to where I was parking and no one was there. So i went in my car, turned on the heat and did what I needed to do. Before I backed out of the parking lot, i checked both sides of the road to see if there was any cars passing by and there was none. So I backed out of the parking lot like I usually do. But then all of a sudden, I hit a car. that car had parked his car on the road behind me and I have no clue what the driver was doing. He claimed that his emergency lights was on but like I said, I could not see his car at all due to my foggy back window. Plus, he stopped on the road when he could have easily pulled up on the sides or to the save a lot that was near at the location. He did not stop because of his car issues, it was because of something else. Please help!
    15 answers 2 days ago Safety
  • In average, what's the cost of full coverage for auto insurance?

    I just went to check out the car i like, a 2011 Chevy equinox V6 About 145000 miles. I am gonna be financing with EECU, apparently I have to have full coverage. Does anyone know ABOUT how much full coverage on a vehicle like this would cost on a average? I am 25, clear driving record and I reside in Fresno California.
    17 answers 2 days ago Insurance & Registration
  • What should I do if there was no police report filed?

    My boyfriend got in a car accident with my car while I was in school, the guy was at a QT gas pump and was on his phone and ran into the driver side door of my car while my boyfriend was waiting for someone else in front of him to move. My door no longer opens from the outside and theres a huge dent and scratches. The guy admitted to being at fault and we did an insurance claim but there was no police report filed and his insurance wants my insurance info. I now don't know what to do because I don't want my insurance to go up because we weren't at fault.
    9 answers 5 hours ago Insurance & Registration
  • Car accident?

    I was rear ended by this guy and the insurance company totaled my car out but they haven’t gave me a renter car nor have they wrote me a check to get a new car. Im a full time student and I also work. I need a car ! How can I explain that to them? What should I do?
    13 answers 1 day ago Insurance & Registration
  • When to stop at a stop sign? Other drivers test tips?

    Do you stop when your wheels are before the white line or stop sign, or is it the whole front of the car? I took drivers ed three years ago and can't seem to remember!
    11 answers 21 hours ago Insurance & Registration