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  • Is pepperoni pizza vegetarian?

    my vegan friend always has pepperoni pizza and he claims it’s vegetarian because during the process of treating the meat and spicing it to become pepperoni that it loses its meatness. is this true? i’m just really very confused and i really want to know
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  • Would you eat fast food if their workers were paid $15.00 an hour? Why or why not?

    For the past couple of years, fast food workers have been protesting and demanding that they get paid $15.00 an hour to do their job along with becoming full time employees and a union. While some cities and US states are making their minimum wage $15.00 an hour, this high wage is hurting the workers because they are experiencing a lost in hours worked and workers are asking for fewer hours so that they don't lose their subsidies. Some fast food restaurants are going as far as having automatic kiosk machines where you order your food and pay with a credit/debit card and not with cash. If the fast food workers were to make $15.00 an hour, would you continue to eat at Fast Food Restaurants? Why or why not? If fast food workers were to make $15.00 an hour, I would stop eating fast food except for Chick-Fil-A. After all, fast food is a job that is designed for students who rely on their parents to survive and work the job to make money so that they can be entertained or if a college student, maintain their cars and have some spending money on the side. The only time I really eat fast food is for breakfast and I would stop eating at fast food restaurants because I don't want to use a kiosk machine that only takes credit/debit cards when I pay with cash for food that is not all that healthy to eat. I would continue to eat at Chick-Fil-A because I don't see them automating to machines because they don't want to put their employees out of a job.
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  • Would you like to eat cranberry sauce straight out the can by itself?

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  • Do you like pancakes?

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  • What cheese is your favorite?

    mine is mozzarella di bufala
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  • What did you have for dinner ?

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  • Do people really put sugar on spaghetti?

    Best answer: I lived in Slovakia for awhile and on Fridays the locals love a treat called “Sladke Halusky” if I remember correctly.

    Basically that translates to “Sweet Gnocci.” So, sugar on pasta.

    They did this with all kinds of pasta, dumplings, rice, orzo, and on and on.

    They really love it with cocoa powder and sugar sprinkled on top, I never managed to acquire the flavor, even though I tried many times.
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  • I just ate 6 bags of crisps will I die?

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  • Are hot dogs a sandwich?

    asking for a friend
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  • When you volunteer for Meals On Wheels as a delivery driver, do you get to eat a meal now and then?

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  • What to drink in place of soda?

    So i got addicted to drinking coca cola and thats not good so I want to stop because i noticed i gained a little bit of weigh. Today i went to the gym and i didnt eat fast food or drink soda and now i have a headache. I notice i get headaches when i do not drink soda or habe caffeine (i noticed because sometimes i drink Mcdonalds Ice Coffee instead of soda). My boyfriend says to drink Gatorade and i do like the fruit punch flavored one. Is that okay or should I drink something else? (I know i drink water but something that wont give me headaches from no caffiene) Thanks :)
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  • Is it safe to eat expired apple pie?

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  • What fruit starts with ‘s’?

    Best answer: Here are some Fruits starting with the Letter “S”,

    Safou Fruit, Salak Fruit, Santol Fruit, Sapodilla Fruit, Soncoya Fruit, Star Apple Fruit, Star Fruit, Strawberries Fruit, Strawberry Guava Fruit, Sugar Apple Fruit, Sugar Baby Watermelon Fruit, Sugar Cane Sweet Orange Fruit and Sweet Pepper , Soursop.
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  • Why are Walmart products so much cheaper than other super markets?

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  • Do you eat dill pickles?

    Best answer: No, Jason. But Lord Lestermount likes your pickle. He likes having tickle-time fun with it in your shower stall. What's your opinion of his purple feather? Does it meet your needs for shower-time fun?
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  • Should I eat weed edibles in school?

    So I got this edible, it's a fruity pebbles one and I wanna eat it in school but I don't wanna be in class straight buggin and get in trouble. That's the LAST thing I want. I'm somewhat experienced with smoking and weed and all that but I do have a somewhat low tolerance so I'm conflicted. So any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  • Are there any expired food items currently in your refrigerator?

    Best answer: i think yogurt.. thanks for reminding me.. i need to throw it out.
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  • Should dates be refrigerated?

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  • What is your favorite sandwich?

    Best answer: Rubin Sandwich.
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  • Can you remember the last time you ate cotton candy?

    Best answer: A few months ago. I have a cotton candy maker so i can eat it whenever I want b
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