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  • Did my mom catch me masturbating?

    Best answer: No she didn't catch you, if your door was open a crack its unlikely. She probably got up abit dazed and sleepy and went to the bathroom, and didn't even think about looking in your room. Its totally normal to watch porn, I'm a 20 year old female and have been watching it since I was 16. As for the dirty looks its probably in your head, your just been paranoid. My mum once found my dildo a condom, a wip and and bottle of lube in my room, put it all in a bag and hid it in my wardrobe. That was embarrassing.
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  • Help me! I ve been sleeping with this guy, and he says he doesn't want a girlfriend, but still wants to do relationship things,?

    He wants me to sit at his house watch movies, go to the the laundrymatt together, then he fixed me dinner, I'm don't want to get attached, should I end it?
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  • My boyfriend wants to practice celibacy, what shall I do?

    This is outrageous! Why?
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  • Do extremly beautiful women get hit on all the time or Do most guys think they’re unattainable and avoid Pursuing them?

    Best answer: I watched a video not long ago that said that about 1% of men are not afraid to ask any women out, the rest are just too shy or think they might get rejected or something... I'm pretty sure that's what it said.
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  • How do I tell my coworkers to clean the toilet after they do their business without embarrassing anyone?

    I work in a very tiny office. I am one of only 4 employees, and I am the only female. The one toilet we all share is regularly filthy and unflushed. How do I discuss this without embarrassing anyone or singling anyone out? It’s a disgusting problem.
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  • Where can I find a gold digging Eastern European wife?

    Best answer: You're better off getting a Sex Doll, it won't bleed you dry long-term with your Money or bear you any Children
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  • Married and pregnant with someone else?

    At the time, our marriage was failing and I had asked My husband to go to counseling numerous times. He told me he rather get divorced than see a counselor. After a while, I made the mistake of making a connection with an old friend and ended up getting pregnant in a matter of weeks, even though I was on birth control. My husband and I were going to get divorced, I was positive it was over and decided to keep the forward 7 months and my husband tells me he’s willing to do anything to fix our marriage. I am now 2 weeks from my due date and he has moved out, but still wants to fix things and has no idea I am pregnant. We started the divorce process but he has told me over and over again he doesn’t want it and is only doing it because he feels like he has to. The guilt is eating me alive, I cry every day and honestly miss my husband and want to fix things but I know if he knew he would never forgive me. He does know I was seeing someone but doesn’t know of the baby, and has said he could forgive me for that. I worry if I tell him about the baby he will lash out and I will lose my home and security I have for my child, but losing him and divorcing someone that I really don’t want to is killing me emotionally. The baby’s father wants to be with me and wants to be a part of the baby’s life... I have been conflicted for months and still am, and I am running out of time. Please, no judgement posts, I already know I messed up.
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  • I HATE my brother? We fight a lot, WHAT do I DO!!?

    Best answer: Apathy always works with me.

    What is apathy? Apathy is the absence of hate, AND the absence of love.

    It's nothing. Apathy is nothing.

    So, if you want to stop these negative interactions, that is what you do. You don't react to the things that he does, the things that he says, or anything. Don't react at all. No reaction!!

    Don't hate what he does, and don't like what he does.

    And if there is any interaction, joke it off and keep going about your life.

    And why is he living at home at age 23 anyway? That's what I wanna know !!!
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  • I have no freedom.?

    I am 14 years old and I have no freedom at all. My situation is really quite simple. I am not allowed to go hang out with my friends. The reason for this to my parents is since all my friends are older being 16 and 17 that all they want is sex. They think I am going to get raped or murdered. I am a lot more mature than my age suggests. I asked to go to the movies or out to eat with one of my guy friends. I said that I had absolutely no issue with them meeting him like they do all my friends. They said I was not allowed in the car with any boy. This to me seems a bit ridiculous. They have an app to track me on my phone to see which streets and area I am on at all times so I don't see the problem since I'd be in a public place the whole time. This really upsets me that they don't trust me to make the right decisions. I've always been a good kid, I don't act out, I've never really gotten in trouble maybe sometimes for an attitude that's it though They said they trust me but not boys. Nothing would happen when in a public place. My parents said they could drive both of us to the movies, then sit in the parking lot for us to finish. But I don't wanna be babysat. All I am asking is for some freedom. I know they'll always see me as their baby. They don't want to see me grow up. I get it. But at the same time, you can't keep your kid sheltered their whole life it leads to resentment. How do I make them see that I know they mean well, but that I can make good decisions myself now?
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  • Do opposites (personality-wise) really attract?

    I am just curious. Did your relationship work out (aka you got married and you are happy) with your spouse that has a totally different personality than you?
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  • My brother blocked me on Instagram and I found out that he has been posting scary pictures of blood and weird things should I be worried?

    So my 16 year old brother blocked me and all my family on Instagram and they haven't noticed but I have and I told him to unblock me several times but he hasn't so I just let it go.. but then my friend asked me about the weird things he has been posting and I asked her to show me and it's a bunch of pictures of blood all over the place and running down his lips and just weird, creepy stuff. I thought about telling my mom but she is so nosy and would freak out and take his phone away and ask him nonstop about it and stuff so I don't want to cause any extra problems that he may be having in his life!
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  • Why does my dad do this?

    Hi im 15 turning 16 in 5 months I applied for a job that's walking distance so I can easily get there instead of rely on my dad to drop me off btw my dad and mom are divorced .I get pretty good grades in school only 1-2 c and the rest a and b I asked my dad for a iPhone before and he never gets me one he always buys me flip phones and he has a decent job and make good money and he has a pretty good phone himself I just don't understand why my dad won't buy me a iPhone I know y'all going come up with all these excuses but you won't understand when you get picked on in school for having no phone even if you have a droid you get picked on.
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  • My father in law confessed to using an escort occasionally, do I tell my wife?

    We had a few beers together and he said that my mother in law had gone completely off sex after the change. He uses an escort once a month now, I was shocked, but do I tell my wife? Don’t know what to do for the best.
    33 answers 7 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • How close should a couple be after a year of dating?

    Best answer: You should be very close and able to talk about anything together.
    11 answers 6 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Does this make any sense?

    I will be getting married next year to a wonderful man who already owns a home. My parents are telling me that I should own a home before I get married, even if I will be moving in with him. They say I will regret it later if I don’t. Can someone explain that to me?!??
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  • Agree or disagree: some guys only want to use a girl for sex?

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