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  • Men..can u be friends with a woman from a dating site?

    if u met a lady from a dating site but you both did not click romantically ..but you liked her personality would you be willing to be friends with her? thanks for the honest answer
    10 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • Why would someone go on a dating site and not write anything about themselves not post photos?

    7 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • I sent a guy this message on an online dating site for rich men & pretty women. Does he like me. I told him I think we are compatible?

    Best answer: seems very reasonable. only time will tell whether things develop between you. dating sites are notorious for game playing and predatory and gold digging behaviour by men and and women. so you should be careful and take what this man says with a pinch of salt.
    6 answers 20 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • Should I have to ask my parents for permission to go out if I’m 19?

    So basically my parents are trying to control a lot in my life right now. My mom tries to control how often I see my boyfriend during the week because she thinks i see him too many times and I over do it. I try to explain to her that we just genuinely enjoy each other’s company! Like we’re in love, we wanna spend as much time together as we possible can. Is there anything wrong with that? She just tells me that there’s a limit for everything but you know, I’m getting older and if I wanna see him 7 days a week (not literally) I should feel like I can make that decision for myself. I just don’t wanna upset my parents because they do offer a roof over my head it’s just how is that fair ???? Lol it feels so childish that if I see him on Thursday I can’t see him on Friday like lol. Sometimes I feel like why am I even in the relationship if I can’t see him when I want to? It’s silly & sometimes my parents won’t let me go out when I ask for permission, their like you went out yesterday, stay home.. I don’t even go out often that’s the ironic thing! Anyways my question is: is it fair that my parents try to control when I go out when I’m 19? & don’t tell me to move out yet lol! I’m still in the process of getting my degree:) I just want some opinions/ experiences - you know, something I can relate to
    31 answers 22 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • At what age do kids start having crushes?

    Best answer: about 8 i'd say but they probably don't realise what they are at that age.
    43 answers 2 days ago Other - Family & Relationships
  • Why does it seem like women are only attracted to tall, white, skinny guys? Or popularity and status?

    Just an obervation ive made in my personal experience. Whenever i bring this up women usually tell me that im wrong and that they are attracted to inner qualities such as sense of humor, kindness and their overall chemistry. But i just dont see that many times. Thoughts?
    13 answers 6 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • With the economy the way it is, do women have to settle for a man with a minimum wage job?

    Or do they still have standards?
    23 answers 1 day ago Singles & Dating
  • I’m too ugly to get a girlfriend how can I become celibate?

    5’7 short ugly midget. Earns an average 60k a year. Age 26 never been a date or had a girlfriend. Never had a kiss also a virgin. That sums me up.
    12 answers 7 hours ago Singles & Dating
  • What should a girl do when her 11 year old son just got his period?

    12 answers 3 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Was he just using me for sex????

    I met this guy online and the first time we met we had sex. Right after we had sex he asked me to be his girlfriend. We text ever since then yesterday we hung out and had sex again. He kept trying to finger me and stuff but I kept pushing his hand away. He asked me if we are dating and I told him “I don’t know” he kept trying to hold my hand and touch me but I kept pushing his hand away each time. Even when he told me to take my pants off I did it slowly and kept stopping. We finally had sex then we left not too much longer. He told me to text him when I got home so I did. We text for a few minutes after that then he stopped replying after I said “yeah lol” Today I saw he was online but hasn’t talked to me at all. I know he’s busy with work today but I still saw he was online and hasn’t talked to me. Does it sound like he’s just using me for sex????
    23 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Is 3 months a big age difference?

    I was born October of 93 and my girlfriend is born January of 94. Is 3 months a big age difference?
    42 answers 2 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Is it bad to have no friends of the opposite gender?

    All of my close friends (not acquaintances) are the same gender as me. Is this bad?
    23 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • Are there men out there worth marrying anymore?

    112 answers 5 days ago Singles & Dating
  • Do you have a group of friends to hang out with?

    Well aren't you lucky
    26 answers 2 days ago Friends
  • My brother is doing bad things that my mom needs to know about. I’m scared about losing our relationship if I tell my mom. What should I do?

    9 answers 2 days ago Family
  • I can’t deal with life- just like a lot of people.?

    I was raised in a chaotic house, with an older and younger brother, with my single 23 year old mother. My dad was not in the picture- as he didn’t look at me like I like I was his child- only a mistake that was created by my parents night of “fun”. I was taken as well as my younger brother by Children’s Aid when I was 4 years old, and constantly in and out of foster care until I was 7. My mom finally had all of her custody and visitation taken away until I am 18. I was adopted at 10, to a single women. Having many behavioural issues, and a very bad temper- I wasn’t any angel child. My life went to comeplete hell when I found my bio mom on Facebook in February 2013. I was 12 years old. I am now 17 and have been in and out of the damn hospital multiple, multiple times. I am very confused on my meaning of life- because honestly it was just a game to start with. I’m not trying to loathe in my self pity, but honestly it wasn’t my choice to be here on this world, and I couldn’t change it. I know so many people love and care for me, but really- I cause so much stress and anxiety...everywhere I go. Please no trolls- and embarrassing at it is I was diagnosed with BPD, and I feel horrible to say it. I don’t want to be hated because I have it. I want to be there for everyone in this world. Just I need to figure out what to do with my life. Any suggestions on what I should do from here? It’s so hard having a bio mom and adoptive mom.
    5 answers 4 hours ago Family
  • Is 30s too old for a man to get married and start a family?

    Best answer: I got married at the age of 35. I am the father of 8, My children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren now total 46 persons. I will soon be 81 years old and I am the oldest member of this family. I am still active and I go camping every summer, usually with a couple of my children and 8 or more of my grandchildren.

    Last summer we got visited by a National Park ranger who told us that they only allowed 8 people on a campsite unless it was all one family. I told him that while we did indeed have 20 people there, we were in fact all one family. Fortunately some of the family had to leave that evening so we were down to only 14 people.
    37 answers 2 days ago Marriage & Divorce
  • I'm in my late 20s, why is it so hard to make friends?

    I live in New England and people are standoffish as ****, I go to public places and they're all into their phones and ipad and ****. I feel so alienated. My best friends are middle aged men I meet thru work and they're typically married and a bit leary of alienating their partners by spending too much time with a single, younger woman. I should get a husband or something but guys my age are so ******* blank and have their priorites elsewhere. I am suffering from lowkey depression and need to spend less time alone but I see no way to better fulfil my social needs.
    26 answers 3 days ago Friends