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  • Roommate's dog biting my cats, chewing my belongings, EXTREME separation anxiety + other behavior problems. What do I do?

    My roommate just got a GSD & Husky mix two weeks ago and it's been unbearable. The dog has accidents in the apartment when not being closely watched, has ripped up several of my shoes and other belongings, and has chewed patches into the brand-new carpet. Every time my roommate leaves the apartment, she crates the dog who will not just cry- but WAIL and SCREAM, howling for HOURS without stopping. This disturbs me while I trying to sleep. Whats worse is that my roommate is gone for up to 9 hours at a time and I cant relax or focus on my homework with the screaming dog nor can I do anything about it. The last straw for me was when the dog ran into my bedroom, chased down my cat (even though we've told her not to) and she bit my (16 year old) cat 3 times. I tried explaining these problems to my roommate and she came back with a long and defensive response, outright rejecting the notion that her dog might benefit from some training. Regarding her chewing my stuff, my roommate said "anything on or near the floor is fair game for the puppy to chew up." Great. So now all my belongings and my cats are locked in my bedroom for the next 11 months. I know that it was naïve and far too trusting of me to agree to sharing a lease with a stranger's new dog, especially as a cat owner, but either way, I'm stuck. Is there anything I can do other than straight up leave? I'm starting to think that's my only option. Pleas help.
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  • Leaving dog with separation anxiety alone for a week, i need advice?

    I need advice, here s some notes: -She s a jack russell terrier -Even when we leave for an hour, she constantly jumps at the door non-stop -We haven t been able to potty train her, so she does her business near the door, resulting in her jumping in it until we get home. -We re leaving for a week for vacation -We have someone to check up on her but no one to stay here for longer than 10 mins a day -She could wear herself out by jumping -She sometimes has fits/seizures I m just so worried about leaving her, what should i do?
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  • Why do people buy dogs from breeders?

    I work at an animal hospital where I see all kinds of dogs to even a wolf hybrid at times My question is why do people spend hundreds to thousands on a puppy just because it a pure bred? Study shows that pure breeds have more health issues, and a lot of the breeders are awful. (Some are good/okay) To give you a few examples of what I see at work: We had some guy bring in his German Shepard puppy (23 weeks old) for a parvo test. The guy spent $3,000 on this dog, and he said that his dog has been having diarrhea, and he knows that the breeder has a high parvo incidents in his kennels. We had someone come in a few weeks ago with a 4 WEEK OLD pup. Every since then she has been calling us asking for advice because her puppy (now 6 weeks old) has been aggressive with her, and snarls. (It s a Doberman). It s illegal to sell a puppy under 8 weeks old where I live. I understand if you want a rare breed, or if you need a dog for a job, but if you re an average joe who is going to use the dog an a companion. Why do you need to go to a breeder to spend thousands on just the puppy, and not go to a shelter (they have puppies) and spend less than $500 and have everything covered. These are just some cases within a month. We have worse cases with people who have older dogs. Every Golden Retriever that is 6 or older has cancer. There are dogs that are 3 years old who have a bigger file than my 10 year old lab mix.
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  • Do you think Toy Poodles are nice little dogs?

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  • Do you have a dog that tries to talk?

    We have. When I'm talking to my wife she will come and stand between us, look up and make "wow-wow-row-rorowoo" noises. She obliviously thinks she's joining in the conversation, it's so funny!
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  • Why do we love dogs so much they make us cry so hard when they die?

    Best answer: Thank you. I love to tell this story
    In mythology Zeuss seperated the world. Humans on one side and animals on the other. As the world seperated, at the very last moment.....dog jumped acrossed & stood by man.
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  • How can you cope with putting your pet down?

    My 13-year old dog is scheduled to be put to sleep in 4 days. She has two very large unremovable tumours in her stomach; they are pressing on her organs and are most noticeably affecting her bladder (she has lots of trouble trying to go to the bathroom, and she can't really tell when she's going). She is also eating less than usual. She can't jump around like she used to either, but then again she is an old dog. Her quality of life will deteriorate quickly in this state. However, she drinks normally and responds to us normally and can still get around just fine... the vet also said that she probably isn't really in pain from the way she responded to her examination, she might just be a bit uncomfortable. I know it's better to let her go before these good qualities leave as well, but it is these factors that make it so hard for me to think about... she will be awake and aware of whats going on when we bring her to the vet, and she hates it there so she will probably be frightened.. how can you let your pet go knowing that they are alert and are trusting in you that they will come out of this visit to the vet like any other? She doesn't know that we are bringing her there to die.
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  • Why do people like small dog breeds better than bigger dog breeds?

    I volunteered at a shelter when I was 15. People seemed to be more interested when we had small dog breeds (especially purebred!). They seem to get adopted much quicker, and a lot of the euthanized pets were big dogs. Even as older dogs, people are willing to pay more money for one. Compared to a bigger older dog, they are generally worth more. Why is this?
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  • 🍒 Rat names?

    For a female fancy rat.
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  • Please help my cat won't poop?

    He hasn't pooped for 2-3 days now, and is ocasdionallu meowing out in pain. He's not a vocal cat however. He is also abnormally cuddly. He was paralyzed a year ago but made a great recovering and can walk but right now he can't walk for more than a few steps before resting.this is all very sudden and we've made vet arrangements but until they can see him tomorrow what do we do???
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  • My dog was attacked by a pit bull so I took her to the vet and the vet said I need to put down $800 for them to start saving my dogs life...?

    I didn't have $800 so they there's nothing else they could do the only other option was to euthanize her. I don't know about anybody else and it may seem like I'm being bias but if God blessed me with so much intelligence and I was able to become a veterinarian I would try to save the animals life then talk money afterwards whether it works or not. I know it's not a human but it's still a life. $800 is a lot of money, most people don't have that all at one time. If the vet REALLY cared like she claims she would have tried something. If you were a vet what would you do? Do you think what she did was ok?
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  • My rats won t eat out of their bowls, only from my hands?

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  • What should I name my female black lab puppy?

    I am getting a female black lab puppy here pretty soon and can’t decide/ come up with a good name. These are the names that I have so far: Luna Willow Daisy Ella I am open to other name suggestions, but I would like it to be 2 syllables.
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  • Should you give cows milk to cats?

    Best answer: Well you shouldn't because it's bad for them, but I give mine a special cat milk which is specifically made for cats which I give her every couple of days or so, but water is still the best drink to give them.
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  • Unique cat names?

    She's a brown tabby who loves sleeping in our baskets and flower pots. A mischievous kitten who seems to enjoy going wherever she's not supposed to. Preferably short and sweet.
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  • Do you ever bath your cats or is it a complete no no.?

    Best answer: Absolutely not, cats hate water, so bathing them would be animal abuse, besides, cats groom themselves so don't need bathing.
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  • Pet birds that will sit on your shoulder?

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  • Are veterinarians really in it to help animals or are they in it for the money?

    I lost my dearest friend this week. He ate something that got lodged in his stomach and no amount of throwing up could dislodge it. I took him in to the emergency vet clinic and they did some exrays but they said up front your dog will die from a digestive track rupture if they don't get surgery today. Oh, and it will cost $3000 and we need that upfront right now or we won't do anything for him. The problem is that this was a Sunday. We don't have money like that just on hand. We don't have that much credit available on any cards we have. We had CareCredit but not enough credit available and no amount of pleading would make them raise the credit line even if this was an emergency. We called around to other vets and it all came back the same. They all quoted different prices from $2800 to $3500 for the surgery but all needed money upfront. Only 1 vet in the area was known to do payment installments but they were closed on Sunday. Thing is, we actually had the money in our bank accounts. We COULD pay, but in order to do so we needed to clear it with the bank first but as with every bank in the US they are closed on Sundays. And they cap daily withdraws from an account to $500 unless first cleared with them. The irony is we COULD have paid and saved my best friend if it had been a Monday, but since it was Sunday there was nothing I could do and the vet wasn't willing to help. I was faced with either having them suffer and deteriorate and die or end their suffering.
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  • Are dogs owners really so stupid to not understand why a person would kill their dog if their dog gets out of control and attack them?

    Best answer: I certainly aint but on the other hand id question your motives and act accordingly and thats for sure.....You see my dogs would only attack you if you tried to bother my Lambs and Ewes or in defence of my property. My dogs do not run the streets ....They simply cant you see there being no streets where i live in the countryside. for them to run on..... One of them is also easily intelligent enough to be able to out think you and blindside you also anyway.
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