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  • Please suggest me some cool names for a male labrador?

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  • Which would you choose: Life or Death?

    Took my chihuahua to the vet cause he kept drinking tons of water and peeing 10 times every night and had cloudy eyes. Vet did some tests and confirmed that he is diabetic with dangerous levels of glucose. The problem: vet wants to keep him for a few days to treat him and stabilize him but it'll cost $900 which seems quite high. He is 16 years old (80 in human years) so probably has 1-2 years left and not the best since he'll be partially blind and require 2 insulin shots per day. So what would you do if you were in my situation? Save him or put him to sleep?
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  • Where can I get good prong collars?

    I’ve had a really bad experience with a petco prong collar breaking loose of my husky while on a walk, I need a strong enough prong collar for a husky and a German Shepherd, where can I purchase one?
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  • Do you recommend getting a dog? If so, how should I convince my parents?

    I have 7 year old chihuahua. She is a sweet dog, not used to other dogs but, she always tends to be lonely. One of friends is give away a golden retriever puppy. I ve wanted to get another dog for a while since she is always alone (she tends to be alone mostly on Thursdays and Saturdays at night, but we re mostly there everyday). Should we get the dog?
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  • Is five dogs too much?

    Best answer: Depends on how many acres of land you have. If you are in a three bedroom apartment, you already have too many dogs. Good dogs or not, that much overcrowding is going to stress them out and fights are gonna break out. Have your current dogs met the new one yet? If they don't get along now, it won't get better after you throw a new dog into the mix.
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  • Why don’t people train their dogs to stop approaching people?

    I had a Pomeranian come up and stick it’s tongue out. It just stood there for no reason. The owner saw nothing wrong. This isn’t the first time I seen this. I’ve had plenty of dogs come up to me and do the same. Mostly I ignore it, but if they follow me or sniff me then I tell them to go away, leave me alone. I couldn’t care less about these properties.
    17 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • How long does veterinarian rabbit teeth trimming take?

    I dropped my bunny off at the vet this morning for his first teeth trimming. Also the first time he has been under anesthesia :( I forgot to ask before I left and I couldn’t get through when I called. It has been about four hours since I dropped him off. How long does it take to trim/file a dwarf bunny’s front teeth and molars? Should I be worried?
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  • Do you think I can adopt another dog even though my apartment has a two dog max without them noticing?

    I live in a townhouse with 3 other roommates in an apartment complex next to the university I attend. I have a small dog, and one of my other roommates who lives upstairs with me also has a chihuahua that she keeps closed up in her room because he doesn't like other dogs. I really want to adopt another dog that I have my eye on at the shelter, but when I called and asked they said they only allow two dogs max per unit and my other roommate is renewing next year like me so I'm not allowed. But how would they even notice? None of my other roommates mind another dog, all of the dogs are really laid back and don't cause any damage, and unless management comes in and counts the dogs I don't know how they would notice anything.
    11 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Why is my kitten begging for food?

    She’s just begging for food! Why
    11 answers 10 hours ago Cats
  • Why have I never had a dog be aggressive towards me? But they are towards other seemingly "nice" people?

    Why is it that dogs will freak out and want to kill certain people? Can dogs sense intentions? Or is it body language? are they picking up on fear? I once jumped a fence and encountered two German Shepards which should of ate my face off but they layed down and acted friendly. Meanwhile my golden retriever might growl at certain people which leads to to suspect they are sketch/bad.
    7 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Why My pitbull sounds like she is attacking someone when playing but never bites hard?

    11 answers 16 hours ago Dogs
  • Bringing home a dog when boyfriend said no?

    Hi everyone, I've been living with my boyfriend for 2 years, we already have one lovely Cocker Spaniel. But I have seen a Sighthound breed that I would really like. He is 2 years and is 27tts, I would be the main carer for the dog. He is lovely natured and also well behaved. I am meant to be picking him up tomorrow. Recently our Lurcher passed away who was only a puppy due to heart failure which has been heart breaking for me and my boyfriend. Lurchers are my favourite breed of dog. And I would like to get another, I have thought about this and I think it will ease the pain, but my boyfriend is the opposite, he said that he doesn't want another lurcher breed, and only have Cockers in the future.. Which is not what I want. I have sat him down about this and it's a NO every time I bring up possibly getting another Lurcher. But for some reason I feel like it's an excuse, because if I brought home a Spaniel he would accept it. I mentioned this dog to him and he got angry and said he wouldn't want to be a part of the dogs life, he says he loves me but he would have to move out if I brung another dog home. He said "What is wrong with what we have now?" My reply, "I would like to have a Lurcher, you already have the dog you like" him "You can't replace Penny" My reply, "I'm not trying to replace her, I just thought it would be a nice idea to get another dog for us both". Am I being horrible here? Please help!!
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  • How difficult is it to live with a diabetic dog?

    My dog was diagnosed with diabetes and requires insulin shots 2 times a day. I am dreading this cause he's a very smart dog and becomes vicious when he senses something painful is coming. Like when I try to trim his nails, he starts biting and screaming so much that neighbors think we are torturing him. So I expect the same when it comes to poking him with a needle. So do you think I should just put him to sleep since I know it'll be a battle each time I try to give him insulin? He is close to 17 years old Chihuahua.
    11 answers 20 hours ago Dogs
  • Dog aggression help?

    I have just moved into a house and my dog keeps barking and going for the dog next door as dose the dog next door to my dog. How can I stop this? My dog isn't dog aggressive or anything but this is horrible to see and hear
    7 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • What's something that will?

    Deter a cat from coming onto your property
    12 answers 1 day ago Cats
  • Why are men more likely to walk in the woods at night/early morning with their dog(s)?

    To do it is rather creepy in itself, but wouldn't you be creeped out while doing it? I see a lot of men do this.
    15 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • I would like to someday own a dog. What is a good kind of a dog? I am a Feminists and have 2 Cats?

    11 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • Why does my cat hate cigarette smoke?

    My cat likes to jump on my lap but when I start lighting a cigarette it will jump off. Is this normal?
    24 answers 3 days ago Cats
  • What type of can dog food should be best for my dog?

    I have a 48 LB 3 year old husky/pit mix and she has always looked slightly underweight to me and she has never ate a proper portion of food as she should daily. Some days she would refuse to eat all together. I took her to the vet a few days ago and every test they did for heartworm , parasites , etc. Came back negative. They also said she looked a healthy weight to them (maybe a pound or two underweight ) but now she has completely stopped eating any hard food I give. I tried changing to a higher end brand and still nothing. I bought her a cheap can of pedigree soft food and she eats it right up and I realized if I mixed a little hard food with it she would eat every last bit. What brand of soft canned food would you recommend for her ? And how much do you think I should feed her a day ? Thanks for any genuine answers. I just want my dog to eat proper no matter what it takes. 🤗
    11 answers 3 days ago Dogs