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  • My dog excessively sniffing\ feminine question..?

    My large dog will not quit sniffling my crotch to death. and, slight vaginal odor, even with cleaning, no scent. Thank you. P.S. I m sorry, but, immature answers will be flagged. I just want insight.
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  • Why do some people care more about a car then animals?

    Best answer: 90% of people don't behave that way.

    The other 10% are born psychopathic and are incapable of feeling empathy for other living beings. It's a personality disorder that effects some humans, they don't feel empathy and they don't really connect to other human beings and animals very well. So that may lead to them harming others without really noticing that they're harming others. That's why.

    That's assuming that this actually happened...

    EDIT: I can't believe how many trolls are defending kicking a dog. xD This is why animal enforcement officers exist...
    21 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • I got bitten by a dog while protecting my own dog, what do I do?

    I was walking with my dog when this woman's dog comes running up barking, so I put myself in between them, the dog bit me when I pushed him away. I don't want the the dog to be blamed for this, it wasn't his fault, the woman should have him on a lead. How do I get the woman punished without having the dog punished too? I bandaged up the injury when I got home, I know how to treat injuries like this, I was trained in first aid.
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  • Breeder won t have pups vaccinated,. When I ask they said its better to bring the puppy to my own vet. Does this sound strange?

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  • Why do so many people hate cats?

    I hear a lot of people say they absolutely hate cats. I've never heard people say they hated dogs, the only people that dislike dogs are because they are allergic, but they don't say they hate them. I have many friends who say they hate cats. I just adopted a cat and invited them to see it and they said no because they hate cats. I feel really sad that a lot of people hate cats and I cry inside every time someone says they hate them.
    12 answers 13 hours ago Cats
  • What happens when a cat dies?

    10 answers 8 hours ago Cats
  • Why does my dog lay so close to my baby?

    14 answers 1 day ago Dogs
  • I'm starting to hate my dog cause he pees in the house?

    This is after he's been clean for 6 months. He is well fed, walked daily, this dog literally couldn't ask for a better life but I'm starting to really hate the mess he is causing me. I'm really sure it's just because he doesn't like the cold outside and he is simply choosing to pee inside instead. He gets let out ample times but comes straight in and within half an hour pees on the floor. Any ideas how to correct this? I wouldn't hate him so much if it was just an accident but he knows it's wrong as he always does it secretly when our back is turned.
    26 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • How to relieve bordem in my dog?

    I have an older puppy (golden retriever/pit bull mix). I recently got a full time job so unfortunately I can’t be home with him all day. I wake up early every morning to take him on a good walk (20/30) minutes. I come home at lunch to eat, let him go to bathroom, and play with him. Sadly each time I come home, he has gotten into something to chew on. For example, I left a bowl on the counter and I came home to a broken bowl. Another time he got into my bedroom (the door doesn’t close well, and he has dragged a bunch of my clothes into the living room and chewed it up. He’s very well potty trained so thankfully he doesn’t make those kind of messes. Anyways, he didn’t used to do things like this and never chewed on anything but his toys. I can only assume that my precious pup has gotten bored of his toys. He’s a very heavy chewer so it’s very hard to find new toys that will last more than a couple of days, and they’re often very expensive so buying new ones isn’t really an option. Does anybody have some good tips to keep my dog out of trouble while I’m at work?
    17 answers 3 days ago Dogs
  • Am I at fault?

    I was walking my kelpie on lead when a women with a small annoying dog was coming to us, since my dog can be intolerable of annoying dogs I tried to cross the road before she came past (my dog was on lead the whole time) but the women said to me "let them smell each other, why are you crossing its natural for dogs to smell eachother". I told her my doc doesn't like small dogs and she said "well bad luck my dog is going to meet your dog", I told her my dog may attack and she let go of the lead and her dog came running to mind and my dog with me still holding the lead scratched gets and now she's saying it's my fault, i should have told her and she will sue me. Who's the one at fault here?
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  • I bought a dog about a year ago without any papers and it looks like she getting sick.can I take her to the vet without any information?

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  • On a scale of 1-10 how much do you love dogs?

    Best answer: 10
    30 answers 4 days ago Dogs
  • Can a female cat get pregnant while pregnant? Female cat acting as if in heat. Even let male cat mount. But was few days before birth.?

    10 answers 16 hours ago Cats
  • Cats or dogs?

    13 answers 2 days ago Cats
  • My dog pees and poops everywhere! What’s the best method you guys know of training? He is almost 3 months,?

    15 answers 2 days ago Dogs
  • Does a mini Goldendoodle Lab cross breed shed?

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  • Can you blame a wolf for killing a sheep?

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  • Should I take my puppy to the vet?

    Best answer: If he seems a bit distressed and is sneezing A LOT, he may have something lodged in his nasal passage. Ring your vet for further advice.
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  • Should I go to the doctor because of my dog?

    I got a new dog that was neglected a bit he had sores on his body in little spots with missing hair not a lot and his skin was super dry and flaky he also had worms. I treated him for it all and put Cooking oil on his skin twice daily it's been 3 days his skin is healing the worm treatment is over and his skin isn't flaky anymore but he does have the little red patches in his skin and he licks himself every now and then. My dad said it was mange and that you can't get it from dogs but I heard otherwise that humans could get scabies from dogs which is gross and not good at all I'm wondering if I should just give him away because there is baby's in my house and I don't want him to get them sick I've been keeping him outside in a big dog house and the yard for the most part he is a German shepherd pitbull mix and is barely over a year old. I've been washing my hands and my clothes after being with him but I'm starting to feel very itchy and uncomfortable I think it's because of reading that u can get scabies. Should I go to the doctor and check it out? I would want to catch it ahead of time cause there is a newborn baby and a 1yr old in my house as well as 6 adults
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