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  • Why is conversion to Judaism so difficult?

    Also why do Rabbis push you away when you're trying to convert
    21 answers 1 day ago Israel
  • Do people in canada use the same yahoo answer?

    Best answer: I'm from Canada so I guess so.
    6 answers 15 hours ago Other - Canada
  • Ok so I filled out a a card with my name and number that was entered into a drawing for a free cruise. Is it legit?

    I went out to eat with my family and there was a drawing for a cruise to the Bahamas. The general manager of a travel agency in Florida called Shiny Seas texted me and told me to call a number and press 7 for more info about the cruise. There was a recording going into detail about the options of resorts I could choose from, I had the option of extending the cruise and of course I would have to pay for transportation and things like that. I have 18 months to book and 4 days to claim it, but I’ve never done anything like this in my life and I keep thinking there had to be a catch or it’s a major scam. I’ve heard the horror stories. If it was legit though this would be a great trip to go on. So is it real for fake?
    39 answers 3 days ago Cruise Travel
  • Is Belfast to Berlin considered an international flight?

    17 answers 1 day ago Air Travel
  • Booking a flight but not buying it yet?

    Hi everyone, I might have a friend visiting from Nepal. I was wondering, am I able to book a flight but not pay for it yet? The reason why I'm asking, is because my friend, won't know if he'll get accepted or rejected a Visa. I want to start looking into flight details now so it won't be so expensive as the date gets closer. I don't want to buy the plane ticket just in case my friend gets rejected the Visa. Any Ideas? Thank you :)
    11 answers 7 hours ago Air Travel
  • Taking a road trip under 21 with no credit card and finding a hotel?

    Me and my wife are planning on taking a road trip this summer. The problem I've found is many hotels require you to be 21 to check in and you have to use a credit card to book a room. I don't have a credit card and don't feel comfortable giving them my debit card to book a room. Would it be a bad idea to travel without booking a hotel and just winging it by paying in cash the for the night we need? I'm not sure what other options I have but I don't wanna be stuck 900 miles from home without a place to sleep. Any alternatives or suggestions?
    11 answers 14 hours ago Other - Destinations
  • Do they have bogans in countries other than Australia?

    Best answer: Of course they do, with different labels. Rednecks, Chavs, whatever.
    12 answers 2 days ago Other - Australia
  • Fat person on a plane?

    I don’t remember when or where i heard this story, but there was this fat guy on a commercial plane. He was on the seat closest to the middle aisle and he was sticking out onto the aisle. The pilot saw this as a hazard since he was in the way of walking, so they decided to move the man who was sitting next to him onto another seat so that the fat guy could use 2 seats to be comfortable. The flight airline decided to not charge him for an extra seat, and this is understandable since he already paid the ticket, but here’s my question; if you take 2 seats, should you be charged for both or just be charged per person? ☆ Sent from iOS Dr. Know! 1.1.04
    9 answers 3 days ago Air Travel
  • Joyce now accused of sexual harassment, thoughts?

    Best answer: Where there's smoke there's fire!
    10 answers 1 day ago Other - Australia
  • Cheap way to get around in CA?

    Im going to CA california next month for disney and other (sightseeing etc) I checked the uber rate and it's like $100 from LAX to Anaheim. Would it be cheaper to rent a car? please suggest some options for me! thanks!
    14 answers 2 days ago Los Angeles
  • Is it ok if I practice massage on this guy?

    ME:Do you want to be friends with benefits? HIM:I wish you would've given me your number years ago. How do you feel about being with me and another girl? ME:Wow. I was thinking that maybe we might hookup but I guess not lol. HIM:2 years ago I would've loved to ME:I understand. HIM:the lady likes ladies though ME:Nevermind me saying anything I was out of line anyway. I thought you were single and was just looking for some fun. HIM:I was ME:Ok I just always thought you were sexy. I don't know what I was thinking lol. It's crazy but I apologize. HIM:Don't I was always into you too ME:Well we can still be friends. HIM:good ME:I'm thinking about going back to massage school part time I really miss it. HIM:I'll still be your study buddy ME: It's just that a threesome is a little much for me. I've never really been sexually involved with a guy. HIM:but you've been with girls, so how bout being involved with the girl while I sit back and watch? ME:I've never been with a woman either. HIM:oh so you're a gem, then? Like I said, I wish I got your number years ago. we could've been having such fun ME:I wish you hadn't of waited so long to ask for my number. I feel like I missed out lol. ME:Can we still hangout? HIM:you were always with your family I feel like I never had you alone and I thought you were too young absolutely. I have to go now though. I'll ttyl *I know he has a girlfriend you don't need to tell me that*
    7 answers 4 hours ago Other - Destinations
  • Moved to ny two months ago and now I have an accent?

    I moved to the bronx from cali 2 months ago and I already noticed I pronounce certain words different. My dad grew up in ny and has lived in Cali for over 20 years yet sometimes still has a bit of an accent. I don’t mind that I acquired a ny accent I just don’t wanna be made fun of by my cali friends.. do you think I’ll get teased when I visit ?
    8 answers 17 hours ago New York City
  • What museums are worth vising in London?

    9 answers 1 day ago London
  • How to stay hydrated in a hot day?!?

    I am going to Las Vegas this summer and I hear it's very hot over 100+ degrees! I want to know how to stay hydrated besides water. I know water helps you a lot but what else? I'm a fragile girl who loves the cold weather more, what should I do before I go?
    17 answers 3 days ago Las Vegas
  • Bush or no bush?

    8 answers 21 hours ago Thuringia
  • Do you think this australian aboriginal woman is hot?

    7 answers 10 hours ago Other - Australia
  • Would you rather live in Orlando or Los Angeles?

    37 answers 5 days ago Los Angeles
  • Can I get to Adelaide Australia by sea from England please,has anyone ever done it and how long does it take ,thanks?

    13 answers 4 days ago Other - Australia
  • Is it safe to visit Guangzhou city by myself in 2018?

    I'm a Chinese-American. Is it safe to visit Guangzhou?
    7 answers 21 hours ago China
  • How was the USA and Britain okay with the Nazis removing legal rights from Jews?

    ...and banning them from employment, passport discrimination etc? Why did no one stop the Nuremberg Laws?
    14 answers 3 days ago Israel