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  • Where can you use bitcoin?

    5 answers 12 hours ago Software
  • What laptop or pc brand are you using?

    39 answers 3 days ago Desktops
  • Does Google get mad if you use its search engine in the middle of the night?

    because the guy running it is trying to sleep and you should wait until a decent hour- I mean, really..
    12 answers 24 hours ago Google
  • Is the pop up saying I have 17 viruses real?

    A colleague showed me the website and I wanted to watch Boss Baby so I tried it out. There was a pop up that said I had 17 viruses on my iPad. Is this real or is it fake? I heard that it’s pretty hard to get viruses on IOS or Androids but people find new ways to do hack into things. There’s another website, 123movies but I don’t know if I should use it. If it’s real, how should I get rid of it? I have an IPad Air first gen
    10 answers 1 day ago Security
  • Is it illegal to download music off youtube?

    9 answers 1 day ago YouTube
  • How to deal with a friend who shares too many videos a day on Facebook?

    Best answer: Unfollow her from your News Feed or if you just dont wanna get anymore Video posts on your News Feed click on the Drop Down Arrow and click on the I dont want to see this Button and it will Post less of the Videos
    7 answers 1 day ago Facebook
  • Hey, I really dont know which is better and which one should i buy... Gaming PC or gaming laptop?

    11 answers 2 days ago Laptops & Notebooks
  • Is a hard reset bad for my computer?

    for example if my computer freezes and u hold the power button for a few seconds to turn it off. can this damage components?
    7 answers 1 day ago Desktops
  • What is AI?

    Best answer: Roughly:
    AI is the fact to progam the computer not explicitly, but implicitly. To reach a wider goal: having program that can adapt to any situation, ideally even those not foreseen by the programmer.

    Other have mentioned machine learning. That is just one tool of AI, one tool to do that (implicit programming). The most famous one. But not the most important, and moreover, not the best to illustrate what AI is.

    IMHO the best way to apprehend what is AI goals and fundamentals is given by Nils Nisson's cube world.
    Nils Nilsson (almost the real founder of the discipline. Turing is often mentioned because of the "test", but Nilsson is the one who gave the first idea about how to go there), imagines a robot, trying to stack cubes in a given order.

    There are cubes on a table. Some are stacked onto others. Each of them are labelled with letters. The idea is to move cubes so that they are in the correct order.
    For example, if you have this situation:

    C  B

    And you want to have

    You can program your robot to do the following operations:
    grab A
    put A on the table
    grab C
    put C on the table
    grab B
    put B on C
    grab A
    put A on B

    But such a program is explicit. And would work only if the situation is the one described.
    For example, it would not work if the initial situation is:

    So, Nilsson's solution is instead of simply using procedures (grab, put), to describe what those procedure can do, and under which condition they can be used. And let the computer compute the correct sequence of procedures to apply.

    Grab X:
    precondition: X must be on the top of its stack onto a cube Y. And robot hand must be empty
    postcondition (effect): X is in robot hand, and Y is now on the top of its stack.

    precondition: X is alone on its stack (on the table). And the robot hand must be empty
    postcondition: X is in robot hand, and the stack no longer exist

    Put X on Y:
    precodition: X must be in robot hand. Y must be on the top of its stack
    postcondition: robot hand is empty. X is on the top of its stack, on Y.

    Using this, the computer is able to compute, from the initial situation, and from the wanted situation, the correct sequence of operations itself.

    You use such program very often, if you are a coder: a Makefile is nothing but that. A description of what you can do, when you can do it, and what is the effect. Each rule of a Makefile is
    effect: preconditions

    That is what AI really is: method to let the computer decide by itself what is the correct courses of action to do to achieve a given goal.
    So that you program yhe algorithm not explicitly (giving a sequence of action) but implicitly (giving a description of each action effect, and giving an objective, so that the computer figure out itself what to do.

    Machine learning is only one tool available in that purpose (for example, it could be use to learn more and more accurate description of the actions. To learn, for example, that stacking too many cubes often lead to a collapsing of the stack)
    7 answers 1 day ago Programming & Design
  • How often do you back up your computer?

    If you work with important documents, how often do you create backups to ensure that your work is not lost?
    37 answers 4 days ago Security
  • Are you able to use a GPU as a computer without a CPU?

    Best answer: No.

    Most people would agree that "using a computer" entails some or all of the following:

    bootstrapping an operating system,
    loading and executing applications,
    interacting with the user,
    controlling peripherals,
    accessing permanent storage.
    While it is true that GPUs are acquiring features previously associated only with host systems (e.g., supporting virtual memory, on-demand paging, and the ability to access host's and peer GPUs' memory), they can basically perform none of the functions listed above autonomously.

    While the heavy lifting associated with any GPU computation (kernel) takes place on the GPU itself, most operations that control a kernel's lifecycle belong in the GPU driver: a piece of code carefully crafted by the GPU manufacturer, but running on the host's CPU.
    6 answers 1 day ago Desktops
  • What's gonna happen on Dec 14th?

    I heard that Trump will get rid of the internet.
    8 answers 1 day ago Other - Internet
  • Do I need a cable modem for a router?

    Dumb question, I know. But my apartment complex pays for internet and there is an ethernet jack in the wall and when I take an ethernet cable and plug it into my laptop, internet works fine. But I have multiple laptops, tablets, phones etc that I need to connect to. When I take the same ethernet cable and plug it into a router, I get nothing. I assume I can t plug straight into the router, so I need a modem, right? So it s not a DSL connection and it s not a cable connection, is there not one I can just plug an ethernet cable into and go?
    17 answers 3 days ago Computer Networking
  • My pointer is moving with itself. Am I hacked? What can I do?

    4 answers 21 hours ago Security
  • I just bought a 4TB external hard drive but it s only showing up as 3.63 TB on my computer...why?

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  • Everybody in my extended family declined my Facebook friend request?

    Like 40 different people? Funny or nah?
    4 answers 1 day ago Facebook
  • Software to clean the PC?

    I was using CCleaner until I found PokerStars Russian installed on my PC out of nowhere! apparently CCleaner is a virus magnet! Anyone know any good safe cleaning software, windows Disk cleanup does not clean everything!
    11 answers 3 days ago Software

    I tried to download an apk on my Samsung Galaxy s7 and I got a virus/scam pretending to be the FBI. I literally can’t do anything! I’ve looked up how to fix it online and they all say to go into safe mode but I can’t even power off my device or go into safe mode at all. I can’t go home or anything. Please help!!!
    5 answers 3 days ago Security
  • Found child p*rnography?

    I was on instagram the other day and on the explore page someone was talking about this page, when I looked on the page it had absolutely disgusting child p*rnography on it. It made me feel so sick that someone would post, and do this stuff to these children. Anyways, I took a screenshot of this persons page to remember in case their page got taken down. And it did. This person or persons had a Kik, and said message me to buy full videos or something like that. What do I do? There’s no proof in Instagram now, only I have proof of this nasty stuff.
    4 answers 1 day ago Other - Internet
  • Can i get free antivirus for computer?

    14 answers 2 days ago Security