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  • How far can parents take the 'my house, my rules' argument?

    For circumstances that affect the parents, it makes sense and I agree with it, e.g. Having people over. But, can they really apply this argument to things that have no effect on them whatsoever, e.g. How much time I spend doing a certain activity?
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  • Is it selfish to move out of state?

    Best answer: Not really your parents made their decisions about their lives........but, remember to finish high school and hopeful some college etc............than start planning for your future........start a savings, make a good budget up and stick to it, find a place you can actually afford........do lots of research.....set up RESUMES that will obtain that wonderful job and nice enough life style or traveling you hope to accomplish.......it takes excellent work ethics, priorities............best of wishes to your future plans..........this is the word PLANNING.
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  • What should I do about my daughter?

    My daughter is 19 years old. She’s a freshman in community college, which I pay for. I pay her car insurance ($2,000/yr), car repairs (thousands of dollars over two years), and she lives here rent free. I also buy all her food and toiletries. She’s in school about 9 hours a week over three days. I don’t think she has much homework. She has a job where she works 2-3 days a week for about 10-12 hours on average for the week. She only pays for her gas and for clothes. Should I continue doing this? She always says she’s so busy but she spends more time with her boyfriend than she does at school or work and sometimes getting her to do chores around the house becomes a chore for me.
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  • Should I tell my dad about my moms drinking problem ?

    After the passing of my grandmother, my moms drinking had gotton out of control. She has depression and anxiety. She goes to a doctor every six months for her refills for something for depression and xanax. I haven't been home lately at night and didn't know that she had a problem. This past 2 weeks; she's been a mess. I find her Xanax on the floor, I have to help her to bed, get her water, and basically babysit her. I took her xanax away one night. She takes her recommended dose for the day at night (she doesn't take her xanax during the day). Drinking wise, she drinks 5 beers I think. 3 mg of xanax and 5 beers is not okay!! Last night, I had to carry my mother down the stairs (on my butt, with her sitting on top of me) because she was banging into everything. And she was just laughing like it was fun. I told my dad about the xanax being on the ground and that I think she might be taking them in her sleep and my dad told my mom that I said that. And she took it all offensively, like why would I do that. I'm scared one morning, I'm going to wake up and she's going to accidently overdose. My parents sleep in separate beds and I don't want to create conflict. My dad works early in the morning so he is sleeping when she gets like this. I'm 18 years old and in college right now. I don't want to be kicked out over this because my mom is going to be angry for "telling on her". How do I explain this to my dad?
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  • Is what my mother does, wrong?

    Best answer: A husband and wife are LEGALLY equal partners. Money that is earned by either of them is the JOINT responsibility of BOTH PARTNERS. If your HOUSEHOLD and RETIREMENT NEEDS are being met and there is some extra money lying around...then providing some money to others is OK.

    If your financial picture is NOT GOOD...then your mother is GOOD to POINT OUT THAT MONEY GOING TO THE RELATIVES is NOT acceptable.

    Clearly you need to sit down with BOTH your mother and father and have a NON CONFRONTATIONAL discussion about the family finances.
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  • Should I hate my father for lying to me?

    My dumbass dad told me that he has Asian on his side of the family. I don't believe him. This is me btw.
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  • What do I when I hear my parents have sex?

    So I’ve talked to them about because they can hear me crying, and they say it’s completely normal. Yeah, I think so too but am I the only one who finds it rude?! (Btw, my room is close to theirs and they still close their door) Sometimes I get angry, too. I think it’s even worse when they do it in the middle of the day. LIKE IM STILL ALIVE!
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  • I can hear my parent having sex?

    They’re so bloody noisy it’s doing my head in , the bed is so loud , my bedrooms under theirs
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  • Am I being too hard on my 12 yr old daughter?

    Best answer: IF THIS IS TO LONG THEN JUST READ THE LAST PARAGRAPH-I promise that it will work-
    To me, it sounds like SHE'S the bully...I can not stand disrespectful behavior, I find it to be extremely harmful to an environment, especially a household, but I would maybe tone down on the strict timing and other maybe overly strict rules, she is a child and needs to be allowed to live like one.

    I don't know anyone who actually ENJOYS getting up early, but I have a feeling that you either have talked to her the same way she talks to you now, or that you simply ignore it to continue trying to get your point across; either way, she clearly has not been disciplined well, I am only 21 years old but I have never and would never tell my mom to "go to hell" because language like that was never spoken in my house, and I respect how hard she has worked for me to be who I am. I was also given spankings (which I am aware is seen as child abuse now days) but let me tell ya nothing will set someone straight like a spanking....anyway, there is literally nothing that you can say that will change her behavior-that had to have been done the first 10 years of her life- she is now approaching her teen years and will only get worse. All you can do now is show her what being a lady and having a loving relationship with family is like.

    My advice? Spend time with her. QUALITY time. Buy some chick flicks, snacks, games, etc. Laugh and get to know and love one another. This time in her life is so valuable and should be a time in which you guys could become very close for the rest of your years together. As I previously mentioned, I am 21 and have had my fair share of mother-daughter issues with my mom, but take it from me, the time and love that she gave me was the best thing that could've happened to my relationship with her. Tell her daily how much she means to you, as doing so will make a world of difference to her, whether she makes it seem like it does or not.
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  • I'm a 21 year old girl and feel suicidal?

    My father has always been abusive, but it's getting worse. He's always cursing me out, telling me I'm not loved, cursing my mom out who doesn't have any money because she was a housewife. I have no money, no job, no transportation. I was an A student but crashed my car and ever since then I've had a hell life. I'm literally thinking that there no way out of here. My last job, my dad took all of my money and spent it and threatened to let go of his job if I didn't give him the checks. I literally feel sick to my stomach thinking about all of this. He said I deserve to die and I shouldn't have been born that way he could be a bachelor again. He said he wasted his life raising kids and literally my siblings and I are so kind to him. I don't know why he hates us. I'm feeling so broken. Please help me. I see nowhere out. I want to get out of here and take my loving mom who is a heart patient and my 2 siblings.
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  • Are my parents too cheap for the amount we are making?

    Please read all this... Im 14. My parents make around 150,000 a year AND IM AN ONLY CHILD. I think I'm just brainwashed by my friends family's, one of my friends makes like 80,000 a year with 2 kids. And I know for a fact their not in debt. Their just willing to spend so much money on my friend and his sister, like my friend has a whole freaking gaming PC setup, 2 gopros, 2 bikes, and like 5 mac computers. And he gets his own phone plan, and expensive speaker system. My ex-friend, has even more. They make around maybe 100,000 A gaming PC, 10 other PC's ( he is a tech nerd ),expensive Lenovo flex 3, good headphones, ps3, xbox, wii. games, TV for his room, surround sound system, 128 gb iphone with phone plan, tons of small stuff like 3ds's and stuff, and alot of other stuff, he doesn't even act spoiled, I knew him for years and he never did. Back in like 2nd or 3rd grade, his parents would buy him game cards and stuff like that whenever he wanted AND I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM MYSELF WITH THE CRAP ALLOWENCE I GOT. and his older sister is in a university, HOW ARE THEY ABLE TO AFFORD ALL THIS. the family is indian. does this have to do with anything? also he has like 4 pairs of nike shoes and doesn't even do a sport, I do cross country AND track, and my mom says that's the only reason why shes getting me nike shoes. But, ugh. I only have a bad computer, a bad laptop from my uncle, a 16 gb iphone 6 with NO phone plan, old 3ds, its just not fair :(
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  • How can I get my dad to buy me my own place?

    I’m graduating in 2018 and my dad bought my brother a condo when he graduated last year but my dad said he won’t be buying me one since my mother already bought me the car I wanted a while back. My dad said it won’t be fair to my younger brother and that he’s going to want a car and a condo too when he graduates. That’s not my fault and I want a place of my own and my dad needs to buy me one.
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  • MY Dad is bad to my Mom. My Mom says I should stand up to him for her but I feel weird lecturing my Dad. Should I fight him?

    Best answer: "My Mom says I should stand up to him for her"

    Your mom is just as abusive as your dad, just emotional instead of physical.
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  • Am I wrong for banning cigarettes on my property?

    Best answer: No, you're not wrong.

    But just try to explain to her about second hand smoke and about how you don't like the smell of smoke.

    And perhaps buy her an ashtray to her butts in when she's outside smoking.
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  • My step dad has taken my gaming equipment etc and said they are history, I have proof, what can I do, any option is good?

    Best answer: I guess you could wait until you are 18 and then move out.
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  • My brother got arrested for DUI last night and my Mom wants me to go give him bail (she's out of town). How do I get out of this?

    Best answer: You are right.. he will never learn if he knows he always has someone to bail him out.

    Your brother is an adult, not a teen. He needs to learn to be responsible for this own actions and learn they have consequences. If mom wants to enable him, let her, but don't do her dirty work for her. You are not far off 30, tell her no !
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  • What does your relationship with your father mean to you? How big an impact did he have on you growing up?

    I ve never had a dad myself. My own father killed himself when I was two. I m still very bitter/hurt by that fact. All I ve ever had left of him are pictures and word of mouth from family. Apparently I m just like him. I m in my mid twenties now. I can t wait to be a father someday myself. It s one of the driving forces of my life really, but I still have no idea what having one is like. Good or bad, could someone answer my question? Thank you x
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  • Money budget on sweet 16?

    Best answer: Happy birthday first and foremost.

    You seem to be a smart teenager--so what I say here, you'll get it.

    You are in a good position, in the sense that, out of all these kids, you live with him, and that's a blessing all by itself.

    Your options are better than all those kids put together, because they do not have the benefit of his presence which is better than 50 per cent of most kids in father less homes.

    It sucks, and I understand what you say here, however, see the glass as half full and try find ways to subsidize your income, by getting a small job where you are employable.

    Even volunteering.

    You must be special, since you got his attention out of all the others.

    Truth is according to the song: "Money cant buy me love."

    You benefit from his being in your life, than any of those kids could ever dream of.
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  • What is worse, a hard slap on the back of the head, or a hard slap across the face? Why?

    My friend and I got into a debate about this. My both have sons the same age (14), and I was talking about how I try and not use physical punishment, until as a last resort. She said she uses it a bit more. When I asked her what, she said a couple of times when he swore at her or broke something she'd give him a slap on the back of the head. It surprised me, because I've heard the head is the last place to hit someone. She asked what I did, and I said as a last resort I slap my boy across the face. The cheek is softer, can take a blow, and in any case, the purpose isn't so much to cause pain, it is to embarrass. I only ever have to do this to him 4 or 5 times in his life, and never twice for the same offence, because he has never repeated something his face got slapped for. But apparently, there's a debate. What do you think is worse: back of head or across face?
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  • I found another woman's phone number in my Dad's shoes. Should I call my Mom and tell her (she is out of town)?

    Best answer: Yes. There will be tears. Hold in, it could be a dentist or a doctor. Still be tears. Tread carefully and ask him about it
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