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  • Is this normal?

    I know there's a lot of fake questions like this on here, but I'm honestly scared and I don't know where else to ask. Ever since I turned 16, my dad constantly talks about my body and how beautiful I'm getting. He'll get offended or angry if i don't kiss or hug him goodbye or greet him. One time he put money in the back pocket of my jeans, which I found weird because he could've just handed it to me. He also talks about how "mature" my body is getting and how it's "developing beautifully". He acts the same way towards my older sister and we both find it creepy, but I feel like he does it more towards me. Is this normal?
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  • What do you think of a mom who?

    Best answer: I think that is a wonderful Mom. She is teaching her children that when you are a part of something (a family and home) you have a responsibility to help take care of that; she is teaching them the value of resting both mind and body on a regular basis AND she is teaching them the value of being well read. That is one Terrific MOM! If you are her child, you are very lucky. She cares about you and about your future. That is a blessing not all children have.
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  • I ******* hate my parents?

    Ok I'm Haitian American and I'm 15 and my boyfriend is Dominican- American and he's 16. When my parents found out I was dating a Dominican they kicked me out in the streets, but my boyfriend's family took me in. My older brother who's 17 got two girls pregnant and my parents welcomed them in the house with open arms and is taking good care of them. I'm their own daughter and they kicked me out for dating , but my older brother got two girls pregnant and my parents let him and the two girls stay in the house. I'm so freaking pissed off
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  • Guys, I believe I have a wife and a son and a daughter and a father and a mother and a grandfather and a grandmother, what should I do?

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  • Is my 13 year old daughter demonic?

    She hates hanging out with kids her age and under she rather hang out with adults. I found witch craft stuff under her and then I went on her laptop and found this thing called "wattpad" she writes stories about bad relationships, strippers and killing! She follows this fashion called nymphet and soft grunge. She listens to bands like the beatles, nirvana and more rock music the only solo artist she likes is this girl called lana del rey and I haven't heard any of her songs. I'm really scared is my daughter demonic??
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  • This whole feminism thing is turning my mom and sister into b*tches. Any advice on how I could make them less extreme?

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  • Daughter in question? Its her birthday. She has not spoken to me in over 5 years. She is still mad b/c of the divorce.?

    Divorced her father over 5 years ago. I got tired of living with a narcissist and when the kids left home and got married, I felt it was time for me to live for myself. Its almost time for her birthday. 5 years has come and gone, she has not acknowledged me on my birthday, mothers day, x-mas or nothing. I have her a b-day card but not sure if I should send it or not. In the past I send her b-day cards with $$'s in it and also for X-mas I send cards with $$'s in it. I get no thank you or nothing. The only way I know she gets it, is I send it registered mail. What should I do this year? Frankly I am tired of giving with no show of even appreciation. Should I continue? I mean I love her.. always have and always will. I cannot help her father drove me in the ground with a bunch of lies. I cannot fix what I don't know what is broken. Trust me I have tried.. but I get silent treatments when trying to call/text or email her. So.. I am at a loss.. I am hurt and the anger has gone, but I do love and want my daughter in my life. BTW.. she is over 30 years old. Also.. BTW.. no I did not leave for another man. Suggestions?
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  • My brother is so ungrateful!! Help?

    As I was in the kitchen, my brother placed a bag of frozen pancakes on the counter, said "Make me some", and walked away. I made them, put syrup in a small dish and set them on the table. "You could've just put the syrup on the pancakes!!! And given me a fork!! I didn't want milk!!!" I didn't get a thank you, only rude remarks. We're not at school as I am sick. How do I get this rude *** kid to cut it out???
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  • Mother in law trouble and I’m 35 weeks preganat. What to do?

    My husband and myself currently live with my inlaws. We have our own private and separate part of the house which is great. Only problem is we are expecting a baby any time now. We do want a place of our own but the cost of renting is so high and also me being off work with a baby means our best option is to pay affordable rent and live at home. Now everything was ok apart from Mum in law dictating a lot about the baby. She has booked off time for when the baby is here and we really just want to be alone to bond with the baby. As I want to get prapered for the arrival, I wanted to collect my buggy and car seat from the shop which I had ordered months ago. My mother in law heard I was collecting it and started ranting saying it’s bad luck to get it and should wait until I go into labour. I was so upset as she said that if something happens to the baby and dies I will have to take the buggy back. She made me feel so upset. She’s so negative and it’s the last thing I need. I did react back to her and threw the clothes she had bought the baby and said well she should takes these back if it’s suxh bad luck. She now isn’t talking to me and being at home is so awkward. What should I do? My hormones are everywhere as it is
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  • If my parents had never met would I still exist and be born to a different mother or father?

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  • My Dad just pisses me off for no reason?

    My Dad wont even do anything, he will just say Hi and ask me how I slept or how my day is and I get so pissed off, I just want him to shut up and leave me alone. He hasnt done anything to warrant this so why does he make me so angry?
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  • Are you shocked this father can't love his children & grandchildren?

    Best answer: This is sad. So this man intends to live for himself? Humans are beings of cooperation. And like cooperation, love is about both consuming and giving. I don't think this man understands that.
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  • What would you do if you found out your kids were having sex?

    Best answer: I’d follow through with how to use safe sex like a responsible person. And stress the importance of STDS ect. And what having a child can do to you at a young age. Whether you like it or not if your kids are having sex they are gonna probsbly play around with other people sexually whether you like it or not so you might as well encourage safe sex. Put your daughter on the pill or buy condoms.
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  • Parents won't let me drive new car, should they?

    Best answer: It depends
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  • How does an 8-9 year old even know how to kill themselves?

    A girl close to my area reportedly committed suicide after facing physical abuse from her peers. This is a child in GRADE SCHOOL. I didn't know about it until around 14, when my parents talked to me about the basics. Suicide wasn't even a topic before high school, at least for me. This girl knew how to hang herself. I think she was 8 or 9 too - which is disturbing. Her family had no one who previously took their own life, nor was there abuse or neglect. How would a little girl get this concept?
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  • How to set things right without being meddlesome?

    I've been babysitting my goddaughter's eldest son (and then her twin toddlers) for a long time. Sadly, she passed away earlier this year after a pregnancy complication. I'm devastated and trying to help around as much as I can. Her widower (the twins' father) is broken-hearted and not coping very well. Now my own daughter is expecting her first baby (in France) and I need to be with her because of some urgent matters. I don't feel good leaving the family, though. The young man is completely alone with the three kids because his in-laws - his mother-in-law is my close friend - dislike him so much (and I actually (and quietly) side with him because the dislike is simply not well-founded and wrong; it's just because he comes from a broken family). Anyway he also said recently that it's finally better that his in-laws is staying out of the picture because they drive him crazy and only want to take the kids away. He loves them for sure, but recently he also often falls ill and is generally becoming rather scatterbrained. Would it be wrong of me to ask my friend to check on her son-in-law despite this? I'll be away for at least 4 months (and there will be only a part-time baby-sitter). I worry that whatever I'm doing is wrong.
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  • Would a 6'2" mom and 6'6" dad more likely have a 7'2" son than a 5'3" mom and 5'7" dad?

    a) yes b) no When you answer, can you give me an explanation?
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  • I don't know what to do?

    I'm a foster child and my foster parents have 3 biological kids. 2 girl twins that are 6 and a 17 year old boy. They just recently took me in 3 months ago and I'm a 14 year old girl. Me and the 17 year old... I'm gonna call him jack, became good friends and we hang out and go to the same school. I hang out with his friends which are all boys. But I don't like it and I don't wanna hang out with them but I feel like I have no choice. I am so embarrassed to say this but he made me do oral on 2 of his friends. He said if I didn't he will hurt me and it won't matter because no one will care. I tried to leave his friends house one day but he blocked the door I'm not very strong I couldn't get out and he did stuff. It's all my fault I can stop this is don't know how. I will have no one if I tell someone because they will get rid of me and then I'll have to get another family. I have no friends at school because I'm always so stressed out and too shy. And English isn't my first language people think I'm weird. I can't take it anymore I don't know what to do. I feel help less What should I do who can I tell? I don't wanna get in to trouble.
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  • My older brother harassed me on vacation, what should I say to him?

    So I’m sharing a room with my older brother on vacation, I was having a good time until he s*xually harassed me. I was sleeping last night without a blanket and to wake me up he started tickling and patting my bum. I’m so mad at him (he’s 17 and I’m 14), what should I say to him? (I’m not telling my parents and making an awkward situation, I can handle this).
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